Cybersecurity for Beginners


  • In-depth coverage of cybersecurity concepts, vulnerabilities and detection mechanism.
  • Cutting-edge coverage on frameworks, Intrusion detection methodologies and how to design cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Access to new tools, methodologies, frameworks and countermeasures developed for cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity Fundamentals starts from the basics of data and information, includes detailed concepts of Information Security and Network Security, and shows the development of ‘Cybersecurity’ as an international problem. This book talks about how people started to explore the capabilities of Internet technologies to conduct crimes globally. It covers the framework for analyzing cyber costs that enables us to have an idea about the financial damages. It also covers various forms of cybercrime which people face in their day-to-day lives and feel cheated either financially or blackmailed emotionally.

The book also demonstrates Intrusion Detection Systems and its various types and characteristics for the quick detection of intrusions in our digital infrastructure. This book elaborates on various traceback schemes and their classification as per the utility. Criminals use stepping stones to mislead tracebacking and to evade their detection. This book covers stepping-stones detection algorithms with active and passive monitoring. It also covers various shortfalls in the Internet structure and the possible DDoS flooding attacks that take place nowadays.


  • Get to know Cybersecurity in Depth along with Information Security and Network Security.
  • Build Intrusion Detection Systems from scratch for your enterprise protection.
  • Explore Stepping Stone Detection Algorithms and put into real implementation.
  • Learn to identify and monitor Flooding-based DDoS Attacks.


This book is useful for students pursuing B.Tech.(CS)/M.Tech.(CS),B.Tech.(IT)/M.Tech.(IT), B.Sc (CS)/M.Sc (CS), B.Sc (IT)/M.Sc (IT), and B.C.A/M.C.A. The content of this book is important for novices who are interested to pursue their careers in cybersecurity. Anyone who is curious about Internet security and cybercrime can read this book too to enhance their knowledge.