A Game Changer for WFH Practitioners 


  • Get to know the challenges and benefits of VoIP.
  • Explore in-depth coverage on methodologies of the VoIP system.
  • Includes the VoIP economic model, technology model, and in-practices.


‘VoIP Telephony and You’ introduces you to new and advanced ways of communicating over traditional telephony realms. Telcos use public internet private IPs for this long-distance voice communication in the Covid era.

This book describes how VoIP encompasses the capability to encode and deliver content in real-time across digitized networks. In this book, you will learn about VoIP regulations, VoIP hardware and software, video conferencing servers, SWOT analysis of Telcos, switching technology. You will also learn about the TCP/IP, market, Economics model, business model, and technology models. You will learn how to eliminate echo by understanding the various interfaces of VoIP and a number of digital protocols.This book will also provide you with a solution to design and maintain communication systems that can be used reliably in the Covid-19 times. This book includes several best practices and security measures to secure conversations by use of surveillance methods and VoIP security provisions.  


  • Learn to establish a strong and robust digital communication for WFH business operations.
  • Explore and evaluate buying  decisions between cloud-based phones and other VoIP devices.
  • Learn to optimize utilization of the VoIP telephony devices for audio and video conferencing.


This book is for aspiring and current technicians, network administrators, engineers, IT managers, VoIP integrators and solution providers, mobile experts, and WFH practitioners.