Over 50 problems solved with classical algorithms + ML / DL models


  • Problem-driven approach to practice image processing. 
  • Practical usage of popular Python libraries: Numpy, Scipy, scikit-image, PIL and SimpleITK.
  • End-to-end demonstration of popular facial image processing challenges using MTCNN and Microsoft’s Cognitive Vision APIs.


This book starts with basic Image Processing and manipulation problems and demonstrates how to solve them with popular Python libraries and modules. It then concentrates on problems based on Geometric image transformations and problems to be solved with Image hashing. 

Next, the book focuses on solving problems based on Sampling, Convolution, Discrete Fourier transform, Frequency domain filtering and image restoration with deconvolution. It also aims at solving Image enhancement problems using different  algorithms such as spatial filters and create a super resolution image using SRGAN.

Finally, it explores popular facial image processing problems and solves them with Machine learning and Deep learning models using popular python ML / DL libraries.


  • Develop strong grip on the fundamentals of Image Processing and Image Manipulation.
  • Solve popular Image Processing problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.
  • Working knowledge on Python libraries including numpy, scipy  and scikit-image.
  • Use popular Python Machine Learning packages such as scikit-learn, Keras and pytorch.
  • Live implementation of Facial Image Processing techniques such as Face Detection / Recognition / Parsing dlib and MTCNN.


This book is designed specially for computer vision users, machine learning engineers, image processing experts who are looking for solving modern image processing/computer vision challenges.