The eighth edition of this widely popular book is designed to introduce its readers to important concepts in Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Information Technology, through a single book. With numerous illustrative diagrams, practical examples, chapter summaries, end-of-chapter questions, and glossary of important terms, and lecture notes presentation in slides, the book is designed to serve as an ideal textbook.


Dive into the fundamental, evolving, and emerging Applications of computer


  • Characteristics, Generations, Classification, and Basic Organization of computers.
  • Number systems, Computer codes, Binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, and Logic circuits.
  • Internal structure and functioning of CPUs, Memory, Secondary storage devices, and I/O devices.
  • Computer software, its various types with examples, and commonly used tools and techniques for planning, development, implementation, and operation of software systems.
  • Computer languages, Computer networks, Operating systems, and Database technologies.
  •  The internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Multimedia computing systems, its applications, and many more ...


The new edition has several new topics such as Python, Internet of Things (IoT), 4G, 5G, iOS, Android OS, Watch OS, 3D printing, Solid State Drive (SSD), etc., thereby introducing the readers to the latest trends in computing.


Anyone who wishes to develop a clear understanding of computer hardware, software and applications including

  • Undergraduate students of all disciplines (science, commerce, management, arts, etc.)
  • Engineering students of all branches
  • Applicants preparing for various competitive examinations
  • All types of professionals who use computers in their jobs
  • Participants of various training programs in computing