The book has been written in such a way that the concepts are explained in detail, giving adequate emphasis on examples. To make clarity of the programming examples, logic is explained properly as well discussed using comments in program itself. The book covers the topics right from the start of the software using snapshots of starting the software and writing programs into it. The real-time examples are discussed in detail from simple to complex taking into consideration the requirement of IT consultants. Various sample projects are included in the Book and are written in simple language so as to give IT consultants the basic idea of developing projects in SAP. The examples given in book are user-focused and have been highly updated including topics, figures and examples.

The book features more on practical approach with more examples covering topics from simple to complex one addressing many of the core concepts and advance topics also.


Capturing global market using sap tools, techniques & best practices.


  • Comprehensive coverage of SAP UI5, Fiori, Webdynpro, Object oriented ALV with SALV Factory method laying more stress on Realtime case studies.
  • The Book also covers numerous practical examples on LSMW tool, ALE, IDOC, SAP Query tool, SAP Quick viewer tool, SAP Report Painter tool, BAPI, Web services, DME tool, SAP MDM data conversion
  • Simple language, crystal clear approach, straight forward comprehensible presentation.
  • Adopting user-friendly classroom lecture style.
  • The concepts are duly supported by several examples.
  • The Book cover the topics in a manner which fulfil the skill gap among industry and academia.
  • Examples discussed on SAP tools, methodologies and techniques are helpful for developing projects for IT consultants.


This book will “need to have” title for various reasons as articulated below.

  • Gaining Customers by adopting and implementing different SAP tools, methodologies and techniques in organizations / projects / programs
  • Help in sustaining Customer Relationships as the core of all successful working relationships are two essential characteristics: trust and commitment 
  • Help in delivering “Superior Value and Getting an Equitable Return” as understanding value in business markets and doing business based on value delivered gives suppliers the means to get an equitable return for their efforts 
  • This document is a compilation of SAP ABAP/4 coding and efficiency standards and will provide guidance in creating readable, maintainable code. It is intended for all developers in the SAP R/3 system 
  • This book may work as dictionary and generates a comprehensive list of value elements 


SAP Consultants, SAP technical, Business analysts, Architects, Team Leads, Project Leads, Project Managers, Account Manager, Account Executives, CEO, CTO, COO, CIO, Sr. VP, Directors.