Demystifying, IoT, Robots, ChatBots, RPA, Drones & Autonomous Cars- The new workforce led Digital Reinvention facilitated by AI & ML and secured through Blockchain
We are faced with automatic machines and autonomous agents gradually replacing a lot of activities, hitherto have been carried out by humans.  From airports to call centers, shop floors in the factory to accounting and finance departments in large businesses, we are finding increasing applications of AI & ML led automation.

Most of the time, the autonomous machines we interact with or work with, like the Robots, Drones, and Self-driving cars to evoke awe, inspiration & perplexity at the same time. They seem to be the tools only used by most technology-empowered organizations and technology geeks.
The effort of this book is to go under the veil of all these automation agents, explain their benefits and expose the way they work by leveraging hardware and software powered by AI & ML as well. We expect the book to demystify these technologies to the learners in a reader-friendly manner without using too much jargon, egging them to take the next step to develop a passion to follow and leverage these trends for their productivity and enhance their quality of life.
Learn Why, What, Where, When Who and How behind the technologies of the AI & ML powering the Agents of Automation in a simple manner.

Key Features
  • Explore various trends of Automation impacting our lives today.
  • Explains the reasons behind the proliferation of the various bots and autonomous agents.
  • Explores the various areas being impacted by the use of these new workforce made of machines.
  • Examines the components that make up Robots, Chatbots, Autonomous cars, and Drones.
  • Throws light on the various limitations and threats encountered by the Agents of Automation
  • Explores how, Blockchain can be used to protect IoT, Robots, Drones and Autonomous cars.
  • Throws light on the various tools used to build Robots, Chatbots and RPA.
  • Outlines the steps undertaken to manage while building projects to deploy the Agents of Automation.
What Will You Learn
From this book, you will get a very good idea about the various agents of automation like IoT, Robots, Chatbots, and Robotic Process Automation, Drones and Autonomous cars. Why do we use these machines? Where do we use them? Where do we find their applications? What are the components that go into the making of these machines? High-level knowledge on how we can build them and what are the advantages, disadvantages, risks and appropriate ways to limit these risks.
Who This Book is For
This book is for all the students and those passionate to get fundamental knowledge on various aspects of Disruptive technologies prevalent today like IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain, and Automation. 
Engineering students, CXOs in organizations, Government officials, Digital natives and the young generation of technology enthusiasts will find this book extremely interesting and informative.