This book intends to be a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to take control of all your digital footprints on the internet. You will begin with a quick analysis that will calculate your current Privacy Score. The aim of this book is to improve this Privacy Score by the end of the book.

By the end of this book, you will have ensured that the information being leaked by your phone, your desktop, your browser, and your internet connection is minimal-to-none. All your online accounts for email, social networks, banking, shopping, etc. will be made secure and (almost) impervious to attackers. You will have complete control over all of your personal information that is available in public view.
Your personal information belongs to you and you alone. It should never ever be available for anyone else to see without your knowledge and without your explicit permission.

Learn to secure your personal data & reclaim your online privacy!

Key Features

  • Understand your cyber risk exposure by calculating your Privacy Score(TM)
  • Improve your Privacy Score with easy-to-follow recommendations
  • Different recommendations for different levels of expertise - YOUR choice!
  • An 'interactive' book with inline QR code references for further learning!
  • Instantly applicable recommendations that show immediate results!
  • Gamification of recommended actions to incentivize best practice behaviors
  • Quantifiable* improvement by the end of the book!
What will you learn
  • How to safeguard your privacy online
  • How to secure your personal data & keep it private
  • How to prevent your devices from leaking your private info
  • How to prevent various websites & services from 'spying' on you
  • How to 'lock down' your social media profiles
  • How to identify threats to your privacy and what counter-measures to take
Who this book is for
Anyone who values their digital security and privacy and wishes to 'lock down' their personal data will find this book useful. Corporate IT departments can use this as a reference book to design data security practices and training modules for employees.