Ipsi Patro is a software engineer with extensive experience in mobile platforms, excelling in both native and hybrid environments. She graduated with a B.Tech degree and has since worked at renowned companies such as Tata Consultancy Services in India, Vitality, and OvalMoney in the UK, among several others. Currently serving as the Head of Engineering at Twyn in the UK, Ipsi has consistently showcased outstanding leadership and managerial skills, effectively guiding mobile development teams with proficiency.

Motivated by an insatiable curiosity and a dedication to remaining at the forefront of technology, Ipsi immersed herself in mastering Flutter and Dart, swiftly achieving proficiency in both. Her technical expertise spans various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, complemented by a deep understanding of software architecture, agile methodologies, and DevOps practices. These capabilities have empowered her to successfully oversee complex projects from conception through deployment.

Beyond her technical accomplishments, Ipsi is passionate about knowledge-sharing. Her extensive hands-on experience with Flutter projects, coupled with a natural talent for teaching, enables her to articulate complex concepts clearly and accessibly. She firmly believes in the transformative impact of education and is committed to empowering aspiring developers to fulfill their potential.

When not deeply engaged in coding or teaching, Ipsi enjoys pursuits such as listening to music, gardening, cooking, and exploring the outdoors. Actively involved in developer communities, she collaborates with peers to exchange insights and deepen her knowledge.

Ipsi’s book, Flutter in 7 Days, reflects her deep expertise and passion for Flutter development. She hopes this guide will empower readers to embark on their own Flutter journey and create exceptional mobile applications.