Tarun Kumar Chawdhury's distinguished career in technology and academia, marked by his mastery in Java, cloud computing, and generative AI, showcases over two decades of dedication and innovation. With certifications from Sun/Oracle and Microsoft Azure, his expertise spans the critical technologies driving today's digital transformation.

As the Principal Architect at a leading U.S. health insurance company, Tarun has played a pivotal role in enhancing automation, cloud technologies, and the application of generative AI, ensuring the development of scalable, secure, and resilient digital infrastructures.

Tarun's academic achievements are equally impressive, holding a Master's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and an Executive Management Certificate from the University of Virginia. His contribution to academia is further highlighted by his scholarly work, including the notable publication "Deep2Lead", and his status as a recognized Google Scholar. These accomplishments underscore his commitment to research and education, particularly as a part-time faculty at Georgia Tech, where he mentors aspiring tech professionals.

Together with his wife, Mousumi, he co-founded DLYog Lab, channeling their expertise into generative AI applications for social good. Projects like VisuAInize and IEP CoPilot Insight demonstrate their dedication to leveraging technology for societal benefits, specifically aiding children with special needs.

This book mirrors his journey and leadership in securing Java applications, serving as a resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. His work exemplifies a unique blend of innovation, education, and commitment to family, driving forward the boundaries of technology and its application for a better world.

In the dynamic world of cloud computing and distributed applications, Joyanta Banerjee stands out as a beacon of innovation and wisdom. With a career spanning over two decades, Joyanta, a Senior Cloud Architect with Amazon Web Services, has not only navigated the complexities of digital transformation but has actively shaped its trajectory. His journey, rooted in the prestigious halls of Jadavpur University, Kolkata, laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable path in IT consulting and cloud technology.

At Amazon Web Services, Joyanta has been at the forefront of implementing cutting- edge cloud solutions. His work, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, has helped countless organizations leverage cloud technologies to their fullest potential. With an impressive array of 8 AWS certifications, Joyanta's mastery of the cloud is undeniable, guiding his clients through the maze of technological options to architect solutions that are not just effective but transformative.

Joyanta has made significant strides in the broader tech community, notably serving as a judge in the Globe Cybersecurity and Information Technology Awards and the Brandon Hall HCM and Information Technology Awards.

This book reflects Joyanta's comprehensive understanding of the challenges and strategies essential for protecting digital assets in today's complex cyber landscape.

His journey from the academic corridors of Jadavpur University to the pinnacle of cloud computing excellence is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and visionary approach to technology.

Vipul Gupta is an accomplished engineering leader with a commendable track record of delivering successful programs and initiatives in agile and dynamic product development environments. With extensive experience in building and leading strong technical teams, he specializes in Software Development, Cloud Architectures, Generative AI, and the creation of large distributed systems on a global scale.

Additionally, Vipul has made significant contributions in the domain of web security and is proficient in guiding organizations through the complexities of application and information security, making him an asset in secure application development.

In his endeavor to foster innovation, Vipul has invested in and provides guidance to pioneering ventures such as Scannyr.com and Atstori.com.

Scannyr.com stands as a pioneering brand promotion and protection software, empowering prominent brands to deliver personalized insights to their customers regarding their products, while simultaneously safeguarding them against the threats posed by counterfeit products. Conversely, Atstori.com is a children's favorite Generative AI software that generates delightful children's stories.

Vipul's educational background in software engineering, along with certifications such as AWS Machine Learning and AWS Security, further strengthens his expertise. His ability to drive innovation and seamlessly adopt new technologies positions him as an authority in developing secure applications using Java.

Debopam Poddar is a seasoned solution architect and senior software engineer with a passion for crafting secure and scalable software solutions. With over 19 years of experience in the entire software development lifecycle, he has a proven track record of delivering innovative applications from concept to production, seamlessly navigating the demands of modern development methodologies.

Debopam's technical expertise lies in the Java ecosystem, where he excels in architecting and designing robust and scalable solutions for both microservices and monoliths. His proficiency extends across the technology stack, encompassing Java/JEE, Spring, and related frameworks. Debopam's hands-on experience encompasses various project stages, including application design and development, building scalable software solutions, and problem-solving with ingenuity.