I am a freelancer and on the way to get the title of entrepreneur. By degree, I am a software engineer, and my current profession is a freelance writer. I used my technical skills and background to get the title of "Published Author" of the world-famous book, The Growth Hacking Book 2 and another academic book, Computer Reboot.

I started my career as an Assistant Professor in college. After a few years, I started my freelancing journey and worked with multiple companies and individuals. In the last few years, I worked alone and acquired a 360-degree knowledge of academic writing, freelancing, and book writing. In the last one and half years, I have started collaborating to move one step closer to my goals.

I am an avid reader and like fictional and non-fictional books. I like collaborations and networking with energetic and positive people. I have been following three principles,  transparency, commitment, and open communications for building collaboration. This simple principle is assisting me to achieve goals one by one.

LinkedIn Profile: Vibha Soni

Blog Link: https://www.vibhasoni.com