Aniruddha Choudhury has more than 5 years of IT professional experience in providing Artificial Intelligence development solutions, MLOPS Kubeflow, Multi-Cloud GCP, AWS, Azure and is passionate about Data Science, Data Engineering, and MLOPS complex solutions provider in Machine Learning, Deep learning, and solving with cutting edge tech. Currently, he is working with Publicis Sapient as a Full stack Senior Data Scientist for more than 1 year and 6 months, working in Multiple Artificial Intelligence engineering product development in various domain-related machine learning craft and alongside expertise in MLops in production for AI use-cases with multiple technologies with Kubeflow, etc. in various Clouds. Before that, he worked previously with Incture Technology as a Senior Scientist worked for 2 years across the energy domain industry for AI with SAP and AWS tech stacks. After that, he worked with Wells Fargo Bank for 2 years as a Data Scientist in R & D for solving various diversity of financial products AI solutions on various lines of business. with Artificial Intelligence.

Alongside, he is a speaker in the community for multiple forums for MLops, Data Science, and technical bloggers on various platforms. He is a certified data scientist from Coursera (Michigan University) and has various cloud Architect certificates in Azure, Google Cloud Platform. He is an active contributor in various Github open source community projects like Kubeflow (Google). 

He is a master in building Artificial Intelligence Solutions and finding complex patterns from research papers to gain optimal solutions to the current product development alongside a self-innovative mind.

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