Why Is Securing Your Personal Data Important?

There are a lot of new regulations in the world that support Data Privacy Protection which help in improving Personal data protection or Online Privacy. But what exactly is Privacy and Online Privacy? Privacy means ensuring that you can hide your actions from people who want to snoop on you. It means ensuring that things you do not want to share with the rest of the world do not get shared with the rest of the world. It simply means being able to choose what others get to know about you.

Over the last few years, with free/affordable data packs becoming abundantly available, a lot of people have been able to witness the glory of this wonderful innovation called the Internet. Combine them with low-cost smartphones, and almost every person on the street seems to be glued to some streaming service or the other. The Internet, however, is not like any other mode of entertainment - it takes as much as it gives, sometimes more than that. Each time you open an app, each time you click a link, you are conveying a choice, a selection, a conscious effort on your part, and someone somewhere is tracking it all. Every choice your make is being silently recorded. Every page you view is being silently analyzed. Every habit you form is being silently judged. Moreover, things that you do online are never forgotten; they are remembered for eternity. Anything you post online -- be it a photo, or a video, or audio, etc. -- everything that you share remains on the interwebs forever and ever. Privacy means having the ability (and the right) to keep certain information -- such as your email credentials, banking credentials, whether or not you like sushi -- completely secret. Your personal information belongs to you and you alone. It should never be available for anyone else to see without your knowledge and your explicit permission.

If you are someone who values their digital security and privacy and wishes to 'lockdown' their data will find "My Data My Privacy My Choice" book useful. This book focuses on the importance of protecting personal data. Corporate IT departments can use this as a reference book to design data security practices and training modules for employees.

importance of protecting Personal data

Some key takeaways from the book

  • How to safeguard your privacy online
  • How to secure your data & keep it private
  • How to prevent your devices from leaking your private info
  • How to prevent various websites & services from 'spying' on you
  • How to 'lockdown' your social media profiles
  • How to identify threats to your privacy and what counter-measures to take

This book will help you understand how much of your personal information gets freely shared on the Internet without your explicit knowledge and authorization. This book will also give specific and comprehensive instructions on how you can take control of all that information. By the end, you will be able to secure your personal data & reclaim your online privacy!  You can also check our cyber security catalog.