5 Best AI Apps Of 2020

Artificial Intelligence is a landmark in the history of our technological innovations that have happened from time to time in the past. If you look at it from a positive angle, AI is a blessing for humanity because it has got huge potential to solve any of the unsolved problems which we have been trying to solve for ages. 

AI is used to build both Mobile-based and web-based apps. AI-powered solutions or apps for iOS and Android has been one of the rapidly emerging in the market.

There are a lot of AI apps for mobile but we will look at the top 5 AI Apps for Android/iOS in 2020.

Siri is voice-controlled virtual assistance that uses voice recognition and is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It is designed to improve Human Interaction with Apple products. As per Bloomberg, Apple has acquired Machine Learning start-up Inductiv Inc to work on Siri, Machine Learning, and Data Science. 
It responds to "Hey Siri" 

Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant, which uses the Bing search engine to perform tasks. One of the important standout features in Windows 10 is the addition of Cortana.
It responds to “Hey Cortana”

Google Assistant
Google Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant by Google. It is the best AI app for Android and can help you anytime and anywhere.
It responds to “Ok Google”

Amazon Alexa or Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon. It can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. 
It responds to “Alexa”

Hound is considered to be one of the fastest and smartest voice assistants. SoundHound Inc., an audio and speech recognition company that was founded in 2005, is now pioneering solutions for a voice-enabled world. 
It responds to 'Ok Hound'

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