Simulation-Driven Electronics Design

Dr. Poornima Mahesh, Dr. Rajiv Iyer

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ISBN: 9789355518828
eISBN: 9789355518781
Authors: Dr. Poornima Mahesh, Dr. Rajiv Iyer
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 24th Aug 2023
Pages: 294
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
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Simulation plays a vital role in the design of electronics-based projects, as it effectively saves time and money for users by eliminating the need for hardware trial and error. If you want to understand the significance of simulation as an indispensable tool for efficiently iterating, analyzing, and optimizing your electronic projects, this book is a valuable resource.

This book introduces you to the essential tools commonly used by professional electronic project designers. Through this guide, you will gain the ability to select various components suitable for your projects and simulate them without fear of causing any damage. Additionally, the book provides instruction on using diverse simulation tools, enabling you to undertake a wide range of projects—such as building power supplies, designing PCBs, and integrating sensors with microprocessors/microcontrollers. 

By gaining familiarity with design and simulation tools throughout the project development process, this book aims to empower project builders, transforming them into self-assured and capable designers.


  • Create interactive and responsive electronic systems by constructing sensor-based Arduino projects.
  • Learn how to apply and simulate Analog devices in diverse electronic applications.
  • Design custom circuit boards using TI tools through PCB learning.


  • Streamline the design process in electronics using the Webench (TI) tool.
  • Design power supplies using the TI Webench for efficient and reliable electronic devices.
  • Achieve precise and effective filtering in electronic circuits using the TI Filter Designer.
  • Master Filter Design techniques for signal processing and noise reduction.
  • Gain comprehensive circuit analysis skills by exploring the TI analog simulation tool and understanding basic circuits.


This book targets students, electronics and computer graduates, robotics hobbyists, and individuals interested in creating their own electronic gadgets. It serves as a guide for beginners by introducing basic electronic concepts and the functioning of commonly used components. For expert users, it acts as a refresher, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of electronics.

  1. Introduction to the World of Electronics—1—Passive Elements
  2. Introduction to the World of Electronics—2—Active Elements
  3. Basic Arduino Projects Using Tinkercad
  4. Sensor-based Arduino Projects
  5. Getting Started with WEBENCH Tool by TI
  6. Power Supply Design with TI WEBENCH
  7. TI Filter Designer
  8. Filter Design
  9. TI Analog Devices Simulation and Basic Circuits
  10. Analog Device Simulation and Applications
  11. PCB Designing TI Tool
  12. PCB Thermal Calculation

Dr. Poornima Mahesh has vast experience in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. With more than 19 years of experience at various levels, she holds Doctorate from a reputed university. She is a passionate educator, trainer, administrator and consultant. She has expertise in the field of Electronics, Simulation, Antenna, Microwave Engineering, Communication Technologies, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few. She has conducted several international conferences, faculty development programs, workshops, and seminars. She has a large number of publications in various national/ international conferences and journals of repute.

Dr. Rajiv Iyer is an expert in the field of Digital System Design, the Internet Of Things, Cloud Computing, Robotics, and Communication Networks. He holds Doctorate in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering and has over 14 years of experience at various levels. He is instrumental in handling the innovation cell, R & D cell, syllabus design committees, etc. He is a certified AWS educator and mentor for educators at IIT Bombay. He is also a reviewer for Q1 and Q2 international journals. He has conducted several international conferences, workshops, seminars, and faculty development programs. He has numerous publications in various national/ international conferences and journals of repute.

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