Science of Selenium

Kalilur Rahman

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ISBN: 9789389423242
ISBN: 9789389423259
Authors: Kalilur Rahman
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: December 2019
Pages: 404
Book Type: Paperback
Software Engineering has taken massive strides with a multitude of technology innovations. With several changes being introduced – development of products and their integration into the market – understanding of mobile devices and user interface channels across a plethora of platforms is getting complex day by day. In addition, since the process or procedures of software testing for products and applications can become an act of boiling the ocean, the role of test automation is crucial while dealing with such challenges. This book aims to equip you with just enough knowledge of Selenium in conjunction with concepts you need to master to succeed in the role of Selenium Automation Engineer. It is the most widely used test automation tool and a much sought-after automated testing suite, by automation engineers who are equipped with technical expertise and analytical skills, for web applications across different browsers and platforms.

The book starts with a brief introduction to the world of automation and why it is important, succinctly covering the history of Selenium and the capabilities it offers. In this book, you will learn how to do simple Selenium-based automation with examples and understand the progressive complexity of some key features. Before diving deep into advanced concepts such as Page Object Models, Test Automation Framework and Cross Browser testing, you will grasp comprehensive knowledge of several concepts related to Java, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby programming languages. In addition, concepts on Selenium Web Driver, Grid and use of Selenium Locators, IDEs and tools to build complex test automation framework are also explained with practical examples. Each chapter has a set of key concepts and questions that one may face during interviews.

Step-by-step guide to understand key concepts for Selenium Automation using examples to shine in your interview for test automation roles

Key Features
  • Acquire Selenium skills to do independent test automation projects
  • Learn the basics of Selenium Web Driver for test automation using Selenium
  • Understand Page Object Model, including how and when they're used in test automation
  • Understand the approach for building a test automation framework
  • Build Selenium test automation scripts using various languages – Java, Python, JavaScript/Node JS and Ruby
  • Learn how to report and integrate with CI tools for test automation
  • Get some professional tips for handing interviews and test automation approach
  • Implement cross-browser testing scenarios using Selenium Grid and commercial tools and services
What Will You Learn
By the end of the book, you will find several examples to help ignite your understanding and usage of Selenium across a myriad of languages and frameworks. With this, you’ll be able to put your knowledge to practice and solve real-life test automation challenges such as testing a web site, mobile application and leveraging tools available for fast-tracking your test automation approach. You can also choose to practice additional examples provided in the code bundle of the book to master the concepts and techniques explained in this book.

Who This Book is For
The book is intended for anyone looking to make a career in test automation using Selenium, all aspiring manual testers who want to learn the most powerful test automation framework – Selenium and associated programming languages – or working professionals who want to switch their career to testing. While no prior knowledge of Selenium, test automation or related technologies is assumed, it will be helpful to have some programming experience to understand the concepts explained in this book.
  1. Introduction to Test Automation
  2. Introduction to Selenium 
  3. Understanding Selenium Architecture
  4. Understanding Selenium Tools
  5. Understanding Web UI 
  6. Web UI Automation with Selenium Using Java & Python
  7. Selenium Coding with Other Languages – Ruby & JavaScript
  8. Building a Test Automation Framework with Selenium
  9. Advanced Features of Selenium Using Java & Python
  10. Cross-Browser Test Automation
  11. Tips and Tricks for Test Automation
  12. Interview Tips
Kalilur Rahman has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration preceded by an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and over 2 decades of experience in software development, testing and management consultancy. Kalilur has been a developer, designer, technical architect, test program manager, delivery unit head, IT Services and Factory Services Head of varying complexity across telecommunications, life sciences, retail and healthcare industries. Kalilur has advised CxO level leaders in market-leading firms for testing, business and technology transformation programs. As a Chapter Chair for Testing Professional organization, SteP-In, Kalilur has helped facilitate two international software conferences on software testing. Kalilur is a firm Believer in “Knowledge is Power” and is passionate about writing and sharing his knowledge. Kalilur is an active member of various technical and professional forums and has contributed to internal improvement initiatives in the organizations he worked. Kalilur varied interests include technology, testing in the digital world, artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps, continuous delivery, agile, mobility, IoT, and analytics. He is a regular contributor at LinkedIn – a site for professionals – and has over 800,000+ followers. He has published over 150 articles across LinkedIn, DevOps.Com, Qrius, Testing Experience and Artha Magazines.  Kalilur is also an active quizzing enthusiast who participates in and contributes to corporate level quizzing events at competitive and information levels.

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