Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Pranav Joshi, Deepayan Chanda

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ISBN: 9789390684793
eISBN: 9789390684878
Authors: Pranav Joshi, Deepayan Chanda
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: July 2021
Pages: 278
Dimension: 7.5 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Perform effective and efficient penetration testing in an enterprise scenario


  • Understand the penetration testing process using a highly customizable modular framework.
  • Exciting use-cases demonstrating every action of penetration testing on target systems.
  • Equipped with proven techniques and best practices from seasoned pen-testing practitioners.
  • Experience-driven from actual penetration testing activities from multiple MNCs.
  • Covers a distinguished approach to assess vulnerabilities and extract insights for further investigation.


This book is designed to introduce the topic of penetration testing using a structured and easy-to-learn process-driven framework.

Understand the theoretical aspects of penetration testing and create a penetration testing lab environment consisting of various targets to learn and practice your skills. Learn to comfortably navigate the Kali Linux and perform administrative activities, get to know shell scripting, and write simple scripts to effortlessly run complex commands and automate repetitive testing tasks.

Explore the various phases of the testing framework while practically demonstrating the numerous tools and techniques available within Kali Linux. Starting your journey from gathering initial information about the targets and performing enumeration to identify potential weaknesses and sequentially building upon this knowledge to refine the attacks and utilize weaknesses to fully compromise the target machines.

The authors of the book lay a particularly strong emphasis on documentation and the importance of generating 

crisp and concise reports which keep the various stakeholders’ requirements at the center stage.


  • Understand the Penetration Testing Process and its various phases.
  • Perform practical penetration testing using the various tools available in Kali Linux.
  • Get to know the process of Penetration Testing and set up the Kali Linux virtual environment.
  • Perform active and passive reconnaissance.
  • Learn to execute deeper analysis of vulnerabilities and extract exploit codes.
  • Learn to solve challenges while performing penetration testing with expert tips.


This book caters to all IT professionals with a basic understanding of operating systems, networking, and Linux can use this book to build a skill set for performing real-world penetration testing.

  1. The Basics of Penetration Testing
  2. Penetration Testing Lab
  3. Finding Your Way Around Kali Linux
  4. Understanding the PT Process and Stages
  5. Planning and Reconnaissance
  6. Service Enumeration and Scanning
  7. Vulnerability Research
  8. Exploitation
  9. Post Exploitation
  10. Reporting

Pranav Joshi has over 20 years of Information and Cybersecurity experience in leading and delivering large-scale projects for clients in diverse business verticals such as banking, finance, national stock exchanges, insurance, energy, petrochemical, retail, media, advertising, e-commerce, IT & ITES, government, defense, including Fortune 100 companies. In his previous role, he has been responsible for managing the security of information assets, infrastructure, and applications covering 65 countries significantly reducing compliance-related incidents.

He is credited for the discovery of several disclosed and undisclosed security vulnerabilities in many popular enterprise products, which have been published by leading cybersecurity corporates, professional bodies, and governmental agencies such as IBM Xforce, SecurityFocus, ExploitDB, National Vulnerability Database - US Department of Commerce, CyberSecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency – US Department of Homeland Security.

LinkedIn Profile: Pranav Joshi

Deepayan Chanda, a seasoned cybersecurity professional, architect, cybersecurity strategist, and advisor has a strong intent to solve cybersecurity problems for enterprises. He is driven by more than 24 years of diverse security domain experience and creates a balance between security and business goals. He has worked for the Indian Air Force. Currently, he is working with National Australia Bank. Previously, he has worked with Standard Chartered Bank and many major products and security MNCs by demonstrating strong leadership in driving security projects and solutions along with significant contributions to the industry as a mentor and advisors to many cybersecurity start-ups and authoring books.

LinkedIn Profile: Deepayan Chanda

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