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Saillesh Pawar

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Authors: Sailesh Pawar
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Publishing Date: January 2019
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Book explains Azure services offerings to advance resource creation to see how all the moving parts go together. It walks through various cloud development tools which will speed our development process. Books majorly covers practical information to get you started to a Proficient level and towards cloud mindset

Azure Cloud offers enormous services to solve your problem in this modern world. Microsoft Azure has Web, Mobile, Big Data, IoT, AI + Machine Learning, Storage, Database, and so on. We will be going through some of these available services to solve our business problem in this book.

If you are a .NET developer who wants to learn Microsoft Azure and want to have cloud mindset, this book is for you. Cloud application development requires a Cloud mindset. Cloud mindset is developed by gradually going through all the available services provided by Microsoft Azure and using the best fit solution for your problem.

“If you are C# DEVELOPER who wants to start with Azure, then this book is for you."


Implement rich Azure SAAS-PAAS-IAAS ecosystems using containers, serverless services, and storage solutions 

Key Features

  • This book starts from basic fundamentals and takes you to a professional level.
  • Books emphasizes on real life project use case and in-depth implementation.
  • Books starts right from scratch with creation of Azure account to manually creating Azure resources and deploying them.
  • Exclusive topics are dedicated for Azure Web App, Web Job, Cloud Service (Web Role, Worker Role), Azure functions.
  • All practical implementation of Azure services (PASS, Server less computing) are covered.

What Will You Learn

  •  Azure and Services Offered for .NET Developers  
  • To create Free Azure Account and Web App Service on Azure
  • Creating and Deploying a Sample ASP.NET Core on Azure Web App.
  • Creating and Running a Background Job with help of Web Jobs on Azure
  • Creating and Running a Service Bus Triggered Web Jobs on Azure to send mail to the Customer using Send Grid
  • Creating your first Cloud Service app on Azure

Who This Book is For

  • Students of Polytechnic Diploma Classes- Computer Science/ Information Technology
  • Graduate Students- Computer Science/ CSE / IT/ Computer Applications
  • Master Class Students—Msc (CS/IT)/ MCA/ M.Phil, M.Tech, M.S.
  • .NET developer, C# developer
The Era of Data Center
Day 1: Understanding Azure and Services Offered for .NET Developers  
  • Pass: Platform as a service  
  • IASS: Infrastructure as Service
  • SSAS: Software as a Service
  • LAAS: Logic/ Function as a Service
  • When to use when?
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Web App for container
  • Azure Service Fabrics
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Function
  • Azure Logic Apps
Day 2: Creating your Free Azure Account and Create Your First Web App Service on Azure
  • Create Your Azure free account
  • Create Your First Web App service on Azure
  • Resource Group
  • Adding a Resource Group
  • Subscription
  • Resource Group Location
  • Creating a Web App service resource on your
  • Subscription
Day 3: Creating and Deploying a Sample ASP.NET Core on Azure Web App.
  • Creating a Sample ASP.NET Core App Step by Step
  • Creating a SQL Server Resource on Azure Step by Step
  • Connect to Azure SQL Database from SSMS
Day 4: Creating and Running a Background Job with the help of Web Jobs on Azure
  • Web Jobs
  • Timer Triggered
  • Continuous Running Job
  • Creating your first Timer Trigger Web Job Using VS 2017
  • Understanding the web job solution
  • Cron expression
  • Deploying Web job on Azure
  • Stopping Timer Triggered Jobs
Day 5: Creating and Running a Service Bus Triggered Web Jobs on Azure to send mail to the Customer using Send Grid
  • Service Bus Trigger Jobs
  • Creating a Service Bus Resource on Azure
  • Send Grid
  • Setting up Send Grid Resource on Azure
  • Creating Dynamic template in SendGrid
  • Creating Service Bus Web Job
  • Deploying Service Bus trigger Web Job on Azure
Day 6: Creating your first Cloud Service app on Azure
Cloud Service
  • Creating Your First Cloud Service with Web and Worker role
  • Creating your first Worker Role with service bus trigger
  • Taking Snapshot using PhantomJs
  • Deploying Cloud Service
  • Deploying via Visual Studio
  • Connect to RDP using Azure Portal Step By Step
  • Deploying Cloud Service as a Package
Day 7: Logic/Function as a Service Often Termed has Serverless Computing, Creating your First Azure Function on Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Functions
  • Creating your first Azure Function using Visual Studio
  • Various type of Azure function
  • Host.json
  • Deploying Azure function to Azure via visual studio
  • References
Saillesh Pawar is a Senior Consultant working on .NET Web Technologies for five years. Writing this book has been a big responsibility in order to demonstrate easy and real-life implementation of Azure services.

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