Learn T-SQL From Scratch

Brahmanand Shukla

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ISBN: 9789391392413
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Authors: Brahmanand Shukla
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Publishing Date: November 2021
Pages: 440
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Book Type: Paperback

Advance your career as an SQL Server developer and DBA


  • Cutting-edge coverage from community experts to learn T-SQL programming.
  • Detailed explanation of concepts and techniques for easy understanding.
  • Numerous practical demonstrations of T-SQL querying and programming applications.


This book will teach you the fundamentals of SQL, SQL Server, databases, and how to write queries and programs using T-SQL. After reading this book, you will be able to create, modify, and delete databases, tables, and indexes. You can practice querying the data and running complex analytics on it. You will also be able to add, delete, and modify procedures, user-defined functions, triggers, and views.

The journey of learning T-SQL with this book begins with an understanding of SQL and database fundamentals. You'll explore the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) used for developing and managing SQL Server databases. You'll then learn how to use DDL statements to create, modify and delete tables and indexes. Gradually, you'll be able to query in T-SQL using DML statements, joins, and various built-in functions. Successively, you'll learn XML and JSON data processing, and by the time you'll reach the end of this book, you will learn to program in SQL Server and various strategies to deploy your databases and programs.

Throughout the book, you'll learn through simple examples and straightforward explanations, diagrams, and numerous real-world use-cases.


  • Concise understanding of relational databases and the SQL Server.
  • Learn how to create database tables and indexes using T-SQL.
  • Learn to add, modify, and delete records.
  • Practice how to slice and dice data by running smart T-SQL queries.
  • Perform advanced analytical analysis using various functions.
  • Discover Error Handling and Transaction Management.
  • Administer XML and JSON handling with T-SQL.
  • Practice different deployment modes for T-SQL objects.


If you want to know how to design, develop, and maintain SQL Server databases and run sophisticated T-SQL queries without much hassle, this book is for you. Readers with a basic understanding of programming would have an advantage.

  1. Getting started
  2. Tables
  3. Index
  4. DML
  5. Built-In Functions - Part 1
  6. Join, Apply, and Subquery
  7. Built-In Functions - Part 2
  8. Dealing with XML and JSON
  9. Variables and Control Flow Statements
  10. Temporary Tables, CTE, and MERGE Statement
  11. Error Handling and Transaction Management
  12. Data Conversion, Cross Database, and Cross-Server Data Access
  13. Programmability
  14. Deployment

Brahmanand Shukla is a SQL Server Consultant with over 13 years of experience in Software Design, Development and Support. Brahmanand started his journey with SQL Server 2000 in the year 2007, and since then the SQL Server has been his second wife.

SQL Server is not the limit for Brahmanand. He has also designed and developed the databases in PostgreSQL, Oracle and Apache Cassandra. He has developed applications using VB 6.0, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, and Crystal Report. He has also delivered various cutting-edge ETL solutions in SSIS.

Brahmanand believes the database is no different than ordinary storage such as a cupboard. He feels proud to be known as the SQL Server Carpenter. He started blogging on SQL Server way back in 2016 and launched his personal weblog https://sqlservercarpenter.com/. He started his Consulting and Training firm under the same brand in 2020. He is also a community member of SQL Server Central.

LinkedIn Profile: Brahmanand Shukla

Blog Link: https://sqlservercarpenter.com/

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