Internet of Things (IoT) A Quick Start Guide

Chitra Lele

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Authors: Chitra Lele
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Publishing Date: February2022
Pages: 146
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Explore IoT Architecture, Design, and its Implementation


  • Comprehensive overview of frameworks, protocols, networks, security, and privacy of IoT.
  • Covers innovative IoT use cases and industry-wide application areas.
  • Includes case studies to demonstrate IoT principles and practices.


Internet of Things (IoT) A Quick Start Guide explains the architecture, design, and implementation of IoT. The book charts a path where none exists and introduces readers to the ethical and responsible development of IoT solutions.

The book begins with the history of IoT, followed by chapters on architectures, networks, and protocols in both software and hardware. The book reveals the next level of IoT framework knowledge, such as ThingWorx and Salesforce Thunder. This book places equal emphasis on a wide range of security and privacy aspects, including Zero Trust Approaches, Forensics, Access Control Lists, and Public Key Infrastructure. Wearables, Industry 4.0, Workplace Analytics, and Product Asset Management are just a few of the applications and use cases that are discussed. Transformative trends such as Augmented Analytics, AR/VR, Digital Twins, and many more are also discussed in the book.

After reading this book, readers will get a broad spectrum of knowledge of IoT. They will be able to put the guidance shared to use.


  • Access to a variety of IoT application areas with compelling use cases.
  • Opportunity to experiment with frameworks, tools, and platforms for various IoT assignments.
  • Acquire conceptual knowledge about IoT architecture, protocols, and networks.
  • Take a look at integrating IoT procedures, software, and hardware.
  • Investigate how to develop a data management strategy when implementing IoT.
  • Understand the policies governing IoT security, privacy, and interoperability.


This book is intended for IT graduates, computer engineers, and industry experts who wish to learn IoT principles, techniques, and protocols to successfully create and deploy safe and secure IoT systems. One does not need prior knowledge of IoT or programming to read this book.

  1. IoT: The Basic Dynamics
  2. IoT—Nuts and Bolts of the Architecture
  3. Data Management Strategy
  4. IoT Security, Privacy and Interoperability: What, Why, How, and What Next
  5. Applications and Use Cases
  6. Current and Future Trends

Chitra Lele is a young software engineer, software solution architect, record-setting author, award-winning poet, and research scholar. She is a merit-holder and holds degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Management. She runs her software startup firm, ‘Chitra Lele & Associates’, which designs software solutions based on Ethically-Aligned Design principles. She is also the founder of ‘Chitra Cares’—a social transformation initiative dedicated to community building projects. Through her software projects, peace work, academic books, and social transformation initiatives, Chitra strives to contribute to the greater good of the world.

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