Implementing VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

Peter von Oven

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Authors: Peter von Oven
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Publishing Date: August 2021
Pages: 614
Dimension: 7.5 X 9.25
Book Type: Paperback

A step-by-step guide to installing and managing desktops with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager


  • A deeper look into the expert configuration of VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.
  • Expert troubleshooting guide to managing user profiles, Horizon smart policies, app configurations, and migration of applications.
  • Includes JMP solutions, FlexEngine working, DirectFlex, and configuring DEM entirely.


Implementing VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is the definitive guide to installing and managing end-user desktop environments using the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager solution and tools.

To begin with, you will be able to explore what environment management is, and why you need it in your business infrastructure before discussing the VMware solutions. You will quickly get speedy with installing and configuring the DEM in real-time, using screenshots, and step-by-step directions. You will then be able to explore how to manage end-user environments, wherein you can focus on personalization, configuring the end-user environment, and creating condition sets for triggering when certain policies get applied. You will be able to create XML-based config files, configure application migration, and see how to restore and backup user settings. In this book, you will get handy with the best solutions on how to troubleshoot your VMware environment along with how to upgrade FlexEngine, DEM console, and ADMX templates.  

Overall, this book gives you an in-depth knowledge of VMware DEM, using real-time examples based on the latest versions of the VMware Manager.


  • Understand the end-user environment management and how to manage end-user profiles.
  • How to architect and install VMware DEM in a  production environment.
  • Manage your end-user desktop environment, both virtual and physical.
  • Learn to deliver environment personalization and application migration.


This book is for desktop administrators, IT administrators, and VMware administrators who are looking to deliver the end-user experience by managing desktop environments and simplified management of physical desktops.

  1. Introduction to the End-user Environment Management
  2. Introduction to VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
  3. Installing VMware DEM
  4. Initial Configuration and Setup
  5. Managing the Desktop – Personalization
  6. Managing the Desktop – User Environment
  7. Managing the Desktop – Conditions and Condition Sets
  8. Application Migration Tool
  9. Helpdesk Support Tool
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Upgrading
  12. Additional DEM Tools: SyncTool
  13. Additional DEM Tools: Application Profiler

Peter von Oven is an experienced technical consultant and has spent the past 25 years of his IT career working with customers and partners in designing end-user-based technology solutions. During his career, he has been involved in numerous large-scale enterprise projects and deployments. He has presented at key IT events such as VMworld, IP EXPO, and various VMUGs and CCUG events across the UK and has worked in senior presales roles and presales management roles for household-name vendors, including Fujitsu, HP, Citrix, and VMware.

He has been awarded the VMware vExpert award for seven consecutive years, and he has been part of the VMware EUC vExpert specialist program for the last two years. He has authored 14 other courses focusing on end-user computing, and in particular, the VMware solution stack for delivering the digital workspace.

He spends his spare time as a STEM ambassador helping, coaching, and mentoring young people in taking up careers in technology and engineering.

LinkedIn Profile: Peter von Oven 

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