C Programming and Coding Question Bank with Solution (2nd Edition)

Swati Saxena

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ISBN: 9789355512482
eISBN: 9789355512499
Authors: Swati Saxena
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: March 2022
Pages: 262
Dimension: 6*9 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

First step towards developing.


  • Get the answers for the most common and challenging programming questions.
  • Become a self-starter and proficient to work as a developer.
  • Gain sufficient understanding on the Dynamic memory allocation and the pointer.
  • Crack Technical interview with the help of  test case based questions.
  • Better understanding of the important header files.


“C programming and Question Bank with Solution” covers all the basics to advance programming questions in C with solution. This book includes  the keyword with proper examples. Practical questions may help you to understand the logic and will help you to fight the technical round. Test cases based questions make this book unique. Dynamic memory allocation helps the readers to understand the advanced topics.

After practising the book, the reader will get hands-on programming and get confident in technical interviews and examinations.


  • Learn  to face and crack technical interview rounds.
  • Learn how to debug and write code for patterns and use different header files.
  • Get knowledge about dynamic memory allocation use in data structure.
  • Become a confident developer without spending money on theoretical content.
  • Achieve the confidence to tackle the most challenging test cases based questions.
  • Develop a strong understanding around the entire ecosystem of C programming.


This book is designed for the Engineering , MCA, BCA students and for someone who wants to start his journey as a developer. This book is a helping hand for the beginners as well as programmers with new concepts.

  1. Getting Started with the C
  2. Working with Control statements
  3. Pattern
  4. Array 
  5. Functions and Pointers
  6. Structure and Union
  7. Important header files
  8. Dynamic memory allocation
  9. Test Cases based question
  10. File Handling

Swati Saxena assistant professor in computer science is MCA , OCJP ( Oracle Certified Java Professional )  and ADST , having in-depth knowledge of subject and very vast experience in developing and training . She is a research scholar and she has been published paper in International journal.

She is well known Author of computer science books and has written books for MCA , Btech,MTech,BCA students and as per NCERT syllabus for XI-XII standard.

She has been awarded with following prestigious award for her writing work-

  1. Jaipur Ratan Award
  2. Rajasthan women achievement award
  3. Pratibha Samman
  4. Swami Vivekanand National award

She is an achiever of Certificate of Excellence by MyGov.

She has been written many books on Computer Science for Engineering , MCA and competitive exams aspirants.

Her knowledge and teaching is always praised by her mentor as well as students.

The alumnus of her, are well placed in many reputed organizations all over India and abroad. Her knowledge and teaching is always praised everywhere. 

LinkedIn Profile: Swati Saxena

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