Building Web Apps with Python and Flask

Malhar Lathkar

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Authors: Malhar Lathkar
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Publishing Date: March 2021
Pages: 262
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A practical guide for the rapid web application development with Flask


  • Expert-led coverage of core capabilities of Flask, key extensions and its implementation.¬†
  • Explore the¬†Werkzeug toolkit and¬†¬†Jinja Template engine and see how Flask¬† interacts with JavaScript and CSS.
  • Detailed modules on building and deploying RESTful applications using Flask.


This book teaches the reader the complete workflow of developing web applications using Python and its most outperforming microframework, Flask.

The book begins with getting you up to speed in developing a strong understanding of the web application development process and how Python is used in developing the applications. You will learn how to write your own first Flask-based web application in Python. You will learn about web gateway interfaces, including CGI and WSGI along with various tools like the Jinja 2 engine, Werkzeug toolkit, and Click toolkit. 

You will learn and practice the core features of Flask such as URL routing, rendering, handling static assets of a web application, how to handle cookies and sessions, and other HTTP objects. Once you have developed a strong knowledge of Flask, you will now dive deeper into advanced topics that includes Flask extensions for working with relational and NOSQL databases, Flask_WTF, and Flask-Bootstrap. You will explore design patterns, various blueprints on how to build modular and scalable applications, and finally how to deploy the RESTful APIs successfully on your own.


  • Get to know everything about¬†the core capabilities of Flask.
  • Understand the basic building blocks of Flask.
  • Get familiar with advanced features of Flask, including blueprints, Flask extensions, and database connectivity.
  • Get ready to design your own Flask-based web applications and RESTful APIs.
  • Learn to build modular and scalable applications and how to deploy them successfully.


This book is ideal for Python enthusiasts, open source contributors, and web app developers who intend to add Python web technologies in their skillsets and startup companies. The understanding of the core Python language with intermediate level expertise is required and experience of working with SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is an added advantage.

  1. Python for CGI
  2. WSGI
  3. Flask Fundamentals
  4. URL Routing
  5. Rendering Templates
  6. Static Files
  7. HTTP Objects
  8. Using Databases
  9. More Flask Extensions
  10. Blueprints and Contexts
  11. Web API with Flask
  12. Deploying Flask Applications
  13. Appendix

Malhar Lathkar is an independent software professional, corporate trainer, freelance technical writer, and Subject Matter Expert with an experience of more than three decades. He has trained hundreds of students/professionals in Python, Data Science, Java and Android, PHP and web development, etc.

He also has the experience of delivering talks and conducting workshops on various IT topics.He writes regularly in a local newspaper on sports and technology-related current topics.

He is the author of the following books:

  1. Computer Fundamentals, Software Concepts & Programming in BASIC : 1995
  2. Ten in One : Handbook of Multilingual Programming : 2016
  3. Python Data Persistence: With SQL and NoSQL Databases :2019

Currently, he is working as the Director of the  Institute of Programming Language Studies (Rama Computers), Nanded, Maharashtra.

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