1. The Internet of Things and its Security Requirements
  2. IoT Security - Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Countermeasures
  3. Security Engineering for IoT Development
  4. IoT Security Lifecycle
  5. IoT as Interconnection of Threats
  6. Crypto Foundations I
  7. Crypto Foundations II
  8. Privacy Preservation for the Internet of Things
  9. Location Privacy Enhancement in the Internet of Vehicles
  10. Privacy Protection in Key Personal IoT Applications
  11. Trust and Trust Models for the IoT
  12. Framework for Privacy and Trust in IoT
  13. Preventing Unauthorized Access to Sensor Data and Authentication in IoT
  14. Computational Security for the IoT and Beyond
  15. Identity and Access Management Solutions for the IoT
  16. Privacy-Preserving Time Series Data Aggregation for IoT
  17. Path Generation Scheme for Real-Time Green IoT
  18. Security Protocols for IoT Access Networks and Their Impact on Mobile Networks
  19. Cloud Security for the IoT
  20. Policy-Based Approaches for Informed Consent in IoT
  21. Blockchains for Internet of Things
  22. Game Theory Foundation
  23. Security Products