Python is the most user-friendly programming language, and with VS Code, coding becomes even easier. VS Code is a code editor that supports tasks like debugging and version control. This book will help readers enhance basic programming skills, create efficient Python applications with ease, and skip lengthy learning hours for smart development.

Utilize the capabilities of Visual Studio Code with this book. From setting up the environment to developing Python applications, this book will help you explore various aspects of Visual Studio Code. Go in-depth with advanced topics like building desktop databases, mastering algorithms, and creating multi-threading applications. The readers will learn to create a Jupyter Dashboard, edit Jupyter Notebooks, master Tkinter GUI, and develop Flask web applications. Explore container work in Azure for a complete understanding of using VS Code in diverse development scenarios.

By the end of this book, the readers will become self-reliant coding experts by creating smart solutions.  


  • Effectively use VS Code for designing efficient Python programs.
  • Learn to develop applications and master the concepts of Python.
  • Master the popular VS Code and the most popular programming language Python.


  • Set up and configure Visual Studio Code for Python development.
  • Use top extensions in Visual Studio Code to enhance productivity.
  • Design advanced algorithms and build multi-threading applications.
  • Master GUI development with Tkinter and build Flask-based web applications.
  • Work with containers in Azure for deployment.


This book is for developers who may not have prior experience with Python programming, but want to learn Python programming through Visual Studio Code editor for Python development.