Cracking Kotlin Interview is helping hand for those aspirants who are: Going for an Interview Going for an Examination Developing an Android Application with Kotlin programming This book covers all the possible interview questions and coding in Kotlin. This book mainly focused on Kotlin programming language and its comparison to Java. By reading this book, the readers can make themselves familiar with the language's most essential features and aspects. With a complete overview of OOPs, null safety, generics, and many other exciting features, this book is a perfect choice for fresher and experienced Java developers who want to learn more about this alternative JVM language.

Learn to answers and conquering the Interview Process

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of all the concepts of Kotlin
  • Simple language, crystal clear approach, user-friendly book
  • Several examples and self-explanatory analogies duly support concepts
  • Easy language for a quick understanding of the topics
  • Questions are jumbled as mostly asked in interviews
  • Language fundamentals
  • Building domain-specific languages

  • What will you learn
  • Introduction to OOP, Java, Kotlin
  • Kotlin Architecture, Token, Input, Operator, Array, Function
  • String Operations, Conditional Statements, Jumping Statement
  • Looping / Control Flow / Iteration
  • Null Safety, Kotlin Lambda Functions and Exception Handling
  • Constructor, Inheritance, Abstract Keyword, Polymorphism
  • Collection, Coroutines, Generics
  • Regex, Interoperability with Java, Android

  • Who this book is for
    This book is a must-have guide for Enterprise Architects, Project Managers, Programmers Analysts, Software Engineers, Students, and Interview Panellists.