​​Building and managing secure applications is a crucial aspect of modern software development, especially in distributed environments. Kubernetes and Istio, when combined, provide a powerful platform for achieving application security and managing it effectively. If you want to build and manage secure applications with ease, then this book is an ideal resource for you.

The book extensively covers the building blocks of the Kubernetes orchestration engine, providing in-depth insights into key Kubernetes objects that can be effectively used for deploying containerized applications. It then focuses on all major Kubernetes constructs, offering guidance on their appropriate utilization in different scenarios, while emphasizing the significance of a Zero Trust architecture. Additionally, the book addresses important aspects such as service discovery, optimized logging, and monitoring, which play a critical role in managing distributed applications. It also incorporates essential concepts from Site Reliability Engineering and enabling engineering teams, to proactively meeting Service Level Agreements and attaining operational readiness. In the final section, the book takes a deep dive into Service Mesh, with a special focus on harnessing the strength of Istio as a powerful tool.

By the end of the book, you will have the knowledge and skills to effectively build, deploy, and manage secure applications using Kubernetes and Istio.


  • Delve into security practices that guarantee resilience and secure deployments.
  • Discover strategies for managing Kubernetes clusters, enhancing performance, and achieving high availability and scalability.
  • Acquire a conceptual understanding of the challenges faced in production environments and explore industry-standard solutions for efficient resolution.


  • Learn how to successfully deploy applications on Kubernetes.
  • Gain insights into the principles of Zero Trust architecture and its implementation within the Kubernetes orchestration platform.
  • Get familiar with the concepts of service discovery and efficient scaling in Kubernetes, empowering you to optimize your application deployments.
  • Learn about monitoring and logging within applications, and explore the essential aspects of observability to ensure the reliability of your systems.
  • Acquire expertise in service mesh, particularly Istio, to efficiently handle traffic, enhance application reliability, and fortify security measures.


This book caters to a wide range of readers, including developers utilizing Kubernetes, DevOps teams, senior software engineers, cloud-native teams, and cloud developers with a foundational knowledge of containers and software development.