Microsoft Excel is one of the most significant and widely used tools in various professions and industries. If you want to master Excel, then this book is for you.

This book focuses on Excel formulas and functions that transform Excel from a simple spreadsheet into a dynamic and powerful analytics data source for business intelligence. The book demonstrates the formulas and functions with examples, big datasets, and storytelling scenarios. It explains how to use 200+ Excel functions and formulas to create dynamic Excel dashboards, filter relevant data, and show informative and analyzed information. The book also covers instructions on how to develop formulas by combining existing functions to obtain the necessary analysis.

After reading the book, you will be well prepared to use Excel for personal and professional tasks ranging from analyzing data to making forecasts and organizing information.


  • Get familiar with some of the most useful basic and advanced features in Excel.
  • Discover important Excel functions that can quickly and easily perform calculations and analysis.
  • Get tips and tricks to become an expert in spreadsheets. 


  • Build complex data-driven models using the lookup and reference functions.
  • Learn how to speed up tedious and time-consuming tasks with the user-defined functions in Excel.
  • Use a wide range of financial functions to perform complex financial calculations.
  • Analyze data and perform various statistical calculations using the statistical functions. 
  • Explore and work with different mathematical functions in Excel.


This book is for everyone who uses Excel daily. It is also for business professionals, researchers, scientists, statisticians, and students who want to use Excel for managing and analyzing data.