A Complete Overview of the Lending Space Within the Fintech Segment


  • Creating a thriving Fintech platform for the lending industry that can last for the long run.
  • Realizing the importance of voice, video, and vernacular in financial technology.
  • Preparing investment pitches for different start-ups in the financial technology industry.


For anyone interested in learning more about the Fintech business in general and the Lending space in particular, this book is an excellent resource because it is based primarily on the author's practical experience rather than on theoretical frameworks.

This book provides insights into how to construct the technological platform and craft a vision document, thus making it valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to launch careers in Fintech, whether in lending or otherwise. That way, they'll understand how to present their proposal to potential investors in a better way.

New grads looking to break into the Fintech business can also benefit from this guide, as it will help them understand the sector and prepare them for the rigors of the hiring process. Leaders at the highest level of an organization can also learn from this book, as it contains numerous examples of actual problems and solutions that have been tried and tested in the real world. Ultimately, this book is for anyone with any connection to the Fintech industry.


  • Use this book as a manual to ensure your endeavors are successful and within calculated risks.
  • Includes Fintech definitions, terminologies, and the evolution of Fintech.
  • Assess the technology landscape and availability of various tools for your digital Fintech. 
  • Uncover every technical aspect to strengthen your Fintech platform.
  • Expert tips for pitching a Fintech idea to investors
  • Complete knowledge of investors' availability at different start-up stages.


This guide will be helpful for aspiring business owners, C-suite executives, and other decision-makers who want to shape their fintech company in the right direction. In addition, it will be helpful for recent college grads interested in pursuing a job in the financial technology industry.