Establish your digital presence - Advertise, analyze, and optimize


  • Comprehensive coverage of different aspects of Digital Marketing and its future potential.
  • Get to know about use of social media and mobile devices for marketing efforts.
  • Google Analytics and various marketing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are covered. 


The ultimate objective of digital marketing is to develop a solid and creative plan for promoting a business's products and services. A professional in digital marketing is expected to utilise all marketing tools and tactics successfully, including PPC, SEO, SEM, email, social media, and display advertising. This book guides the reader through various digital channels, including search engines, websites, social media, email, YouTube, and Whatsapp, to efficiently market and sell business items.

The anecdotes and case studies provided will aid the reader in getting an inside-out view of marketing a product or service on the digital platform to reduce their learning curve. This book will help readers achieve their digital marketing career goals more quickly, without spending years making unnecessary errors, recovering from them, and learning the hard way. It discusses essential tools, approaches, and strategies to build them, such as enhancing the capacity to develop market-friendly use cases and evolving a solution strategy in varied business or technology environments.

This book makes it easy for readers to increase their employment and job market relevance, allowing them to sprint towards a successful career in digital marketing.


  • Know the difference between the outcome of traditional marketing and digital marketing.
  • Make use of social media marketing for products promotion.
  • Explore the potential of search engine optimization for brand/product visibility.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for wide audience outreach.
  • Work around Google Analytics for measuring success of advertisement campaign.


This book is for everyone who wishes to bring creativity, drive marketing and sales targets, and accomplish these goals through the use of digital initiatives. The book can be picked up by anyone, no matter what they know.