Step-by-step guide for developing cloud native apps on GCP powered by hands-on interactive learning


  • Cutting-edge coverage on Google Cloud Build, Cloud Run, GKE, Kubectl and Anthos.
  • Includes tutorials and exercises to learn designing, deploying and running cloud native apps.
  • Covers Service Mesh, Apps Optimization, logs monitoring and cloud IAM access.


The book “Cloud Native Apps on Google Cloud Platform” teaches the readers how to design, construct, and maintain successful cloud-native apps using the Google Cloud Platform. With interactive tutorials, the book reinforces learning and helps to develop practical skills for working in an Agile and DevOps context. The book provides a step-by-step approach to building and managing cloud-native applications on Google Cloud Platform for Google Cloud Users, DevOps teams, and Cloud-Native Developers.

First, you will investigate the advantages and applicability of each Google Serverless Computing option. You'll learn about Cloud Build and how to use it to prepare code files, create microservices, and build container images. The book walks readers through creating and running Docker image containers on Cloud Run and App Engine. You'll learn how to use kubectl to create and manage Kubernetes clusters, as well as how to configure the autoscaler for increased resilience and availability. You'll build a pipeline that uses Cloud Build to automate CI/CD and Pub/Sub to ingest streaming data.

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to learn about Anthos, which enables you to manage massive GKE clusters in both Cloud and on-premises environments.


  • Distinguish between using containers or microservices for cloud native apps.
  • Build a streaming data pipeline using BigQuery and Dataflow using Pub/Sub.
  • Practice to deploy and optimize cloud native applications on Kubernetes Engine.
  • Build continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines and improve Kubernetes apps.
  • Learn to protect apps running on GCP from cyberattacks.


This book is meant for the Cloud and DevOps professionals and for those who wish to learn about Google Cloud services and incorporate them into end-to-end cloud applications.