Play around JavaBeans, NetBeans IDE, and build strong foundation of web development concepts


  • Extensive demonstrations of Servlets and JSP in action, including various instances.
  • Prepares you to succeed in Java Full Stack and Web Programming Interviews.
  • Increases familiarity with MVC techniques for web programming.


This book is about creating web applications with Java, servlets, Java Server Pages, and struts. Servlets, JSP pages, and database connectivity will be covered in detail. The more you read this book, the better you will be at making GUI apps, using JavaBeans in JSP, and making your tag libraries.

The book covers various key topics, including the MVC pattern, servlets, JSP, database connectivity, struts, and localization. With examples and demonstrations, you'll learn about every aspect of web development and how to use Java and associated tools effectively throughout the process. All programmes are made in the NetBeans IDE and run on Tomcat Server. The hierarchy of classes and the architecture are also illustrated graphically. Readers will get comprehensive knowledge of concepts through analogies drawn from real-world situations. Interview questions with solutions are also included for users looking for jobs in software companies.

Readers will be able to create dynamic websites and blogs with the help of this book. The book is a wonderful resource for aspiring java programmers and web developers who wish to master both basic and advanced level web application development in Java through their efforts and this book.


  • Connect to a database using a thin driver.
  • Create GUI apps, reuse JavaBeans in JSP, and custom tag libraries.
  • Discover how to run a Tomcat server.
  • Acquaint with the NetBeans IDE and create all applications using it.
  • Explore solutions on Java programming to get ready for the workplace.


If you are an aspiring web developer and interested in developing dynamic websites and web applications using Java, this book is the go-to guide for you. Prior knowledge of Java programming is preferred to speed up the learning of the book.