Learn iOS Programming Using SwiftUI Framework and Xcode


  • Demonstrates numerous examples using the SwiftUI concepts.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the lifecycle of an Xcode 13 project.
  • Access to SwiftUI development challenges and expert solutions.


‘iOS Development with SwiftUI' focuses on teaching and practicing the use of SwiftUI for developing iOS applications that leverage the latest iOS features.

To begin, the book covers the fundamentals of SwiftUI and its core functionalities and how to write UI without having to worry much about it. It explains the fundamental Swift syntax, data types, control statements, functions, classes, and structures, as well as methods, protocols, and closures. The book covers expert tips for adding animations with a single line of code, as well as some SwiftUI transitions. Then, through a dissection of an iOS application, it teaches how to create APIs and implement API calls. It also covers widgets, App Clip development, web banner creation, and how the app communicates with the App Clip.

The book will help demonstrate how to integrate XCTest into your application for both UI and unit testing and how to write your test case and prepare the application for general use.

At the end of the book, you will be able to write an iOS application in SwiftUI and gain some experience to call API or web services using combine.


  • Learn to use the feature 'Combine' in the application and call various APIs.
  • Understand data flow and stacks, including VStack, HStack, and ZStack.
  • Understand and practice how to share the data between the app and extensions.
  • Work with the latest iOS features such as App Clip and Widgets.
  • Become well versed with Xcode 13 and UIKit while using it with SwiftUI.


This book caters to SwiftUI developers, iOS developers, and students who want to build good proficiency in the entire process of iOS application development. Knowing basic programming concepts would be good, although not mandatory.