Your guide to becoming a marketing guru and supercharge your brand with modern technologies.


  • Industry-led best practices and real-world examples of brand successes and failures.
  • Leading AI tools, guidelines, and templates for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.
  • Advanced forms of marketing such as Consumer Neuroscience, Subliminal Marketing, and Virtual Advertising.


How can some businesses survive centuries while hundreds collapse every year - from micro-enterprises to global brands? A brand's journey to grow and maintain loyal supporters is one of the timeless foundations for every company that its customer teams need to know.

'Modern Marketing Using AI' covers it all by taking a customer perspective to look at best practices, industry-leading strategies, technologies, and their timing to maximise the value of a brand. The book starts with an overview of a brand journey, how marketing, sales, and customer success work at each stage, and why the usage of AI in this field has become a need. It then dives into each stage, teaching us how to validate a product, define the brand, expand its visibility, and turn customers into fans with AI-led marketing techniques for channels, accounts, referrals, affiliates, influencers, social media and much more. At every stage, it highlights brand stories and how operational automation and insights can be leveraged for marketing. We conclude with guidelines on how marketers can prepare for AI and even estimate its impact on their jobs.

You will walk away with a keen awareness of how to drive your organizational growth and gain a professional advantage by being ready for the era of artificial intelligence.


  • Learn how Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success work together to define a brand and grow its customer base.
  • Learn how to create brand recognition, credibility, engagement, receptivity, and resonance to optimize brand equity.
  • Create a robust marketing plan and perfectly time the different marketing initiatives, from digital channels to neuroscience.
  • Learn when, how, and what AI-enabled tools to deploy in marketing, sales, and customer success operations.


This book is aimed at entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, as well as educators and students who want to learn how to create a successful brand leveraging modern technologies. Readers are only required to have a rudimentary understanding of marketing, sales, and customer success.