Learn about Azure DevOps services to successfully apply DevOps strategies


  • Share knowledge on DevOps implementation and use of Azure DevOps services.
  • Learn about Azure artifacts, dependency management, and CI/CD pipeline management.
  • Manage third-party integration, Agile planning, and application lifecycle management.


This book offers readers the best DevOps practices and explains how to implement various services of Azure DevOps to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and better management of the entire software development lifecycle.

This book explains each component of Azure DevOps services, their pricing models, and a quick tutorial on how to proceed with its usage. Backed with numerous examples, this book helps you implement Agile planning using Azure Boards, maintain code versioning using Azure Repos, and manage CI/CD using Azure Pipelines. You will learn how to administer the DevOps process such as managing packages using the most popular Azure Artifacts and how to run Test Plans using Azure Test Plans. You will also learn how to integrate with third-party systems. Finally, you will learn about marketplaces of extensions and how to develop your own extensions.


  • Learn DevOps culture, practices, and habits.
  • Learn to manage version control of the source code within Azure DevOps Services.
  • Learn how to administer Azure DevOps services for an enterprise application lifecycle management system.
  • Learn Azure DevOps services and features.


This book is for anyone who wishes to use or who are using Azure DevOps services, including Infrastructure engineers, Software engineers, Architects, Testers, Managers, or Product Owners.