This book enables you to use Salesforce as per your business needs. You will get an overview of all the aspects and features of Salesforce.

Following the introduction, the book focuses on how to design an app. You will then learn how to use the Salesforce Data Process and Security Architecture in the app design. Moving on, you will understand how to use to customize the UI and automate the process. Lastly, you will learn how to deploy and debug the app.

If you are planning to get a PD1(Platform Developer 1), Admin, or App builder certification, this book is for you.


Design customized software solutions using the Salesforce Application Development services.


  • Get an overview of Salesforce
  • Understand the Design and Data Process
  • Automate Business Process using Salesforce tools
  • Study up on Security & Data Management in Salesforce
  • Learn how to write code on the Salesforce Platform


  • Get to know more about the Lightning Experience Unit
  • Learn how to develop reports and dashboards in Salesforce
  • Get familiar with the basics of Salesforce Apex Coding and Programming
  • Learn how to use Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions in Salesforce
  • Learn how to integrate Email services in Salesforce


This book is designed for Computer Science students who want to learn Salesforce. It is also for Salesforce Admins, who wants to explore the coding part of Salesforce. This book will also help professionals to clear PD1(Platform Developer 1), Admin, and App builder certification.