As this decade comes to a closure, we are looking at, what we like to call, an Industry 4.0. This era is expected to see radical changes in the way we work and live, due to huge leaps and advancements with technologies such as Blockchain and Quantum Computing. This calls for the new age workforce to be industry-ready, which essentially means an understanding of the core fields of Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing is becoming imperative.
This book starts with a primer on the “Essentials of Cybersecurity”. This part allows the reader to get comfortable with the concepts of cybersecurity that are needed to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts to follow. The next part gives a similar primer on the “Essentials of Blockchain”. These two parts at the beginning of the book allow this book to be easily followed by beginners as well. The following parts delve into the concepts, where we see a “Superimposition of Cybersecurity and Blockchain”, and the concepts and situations where we may see and understand amazing problems that systems in the current world face day in and day out. This book puts immense emphasis on helping the reader know about the Standards and Frameworks needed to be put in place to make an organization work seamlessly. Towards the end, a part dedicated to Smart Contract Security, Auditing, and Testing in Blockchain provides knowledge about what is one of the most lucrative career options and has vital importance in the field of Blockchain. Conclusively, the book tries well to make the reader “Industry 4.0-ready”, helping them in traversing through the upcoming decade of significant career options.


Understand Cybersecurity fundamentals and protect your Blockchain systems for a scalable and secured automation

Key Features

  • Understand the fundamentals of Cryptography and Cybersecurity and the fundamentals of Blockchain and their role in securing the various facets of automation. Also understand threats to Smart contracts and Blockchain systems.
  • Understand areas where blockchain and cybersecurity superimpose to create amazing problems to solve.
  • A dedicated part of the book on Standards and Frameworks allows you to be industry-ready in information security practices to be followed in an organization.
  • Learn the very lucrative areas of Smart Contract Security, Auditing, and Testing in Blockchain.
  • Finish to build a career in cybersecurity and blockchain by being Industry 4.0 ready.
What Will You Learn
By the end of the book, you should be able to understand the gravity of the concepts involved in technologies like Blockchain and Cybersecurity, with an acute understanding of the areas, such as Quantum Computing, which affect the technologies. You will also know about the tools used in Smart Contract Auditing and Testing in Blockchain. You should be able to make a career in blockchain and associated technologies going forward.

Who This Book is For
This book is meant for everyone who wishes to build a career in blockchain and/or cybersecurity. The book doesn’t assume prior knowledge on any of the topics; hence a beginner from any diverse field might definitely give these technologies a try by reading this book. The book is divided into parts that take the reader seamlessly from beginner concepts to advanced practices prevalent in the industry. No prior programming experience is assumed either. Familiarity with the basic web technologies would help, though it is not mandatory to follow this book.