Nakul Shah, a seasoned professional with over nine years of experience in the software industry, currently serves as a subject matter expert in the emerging technology space. Holding a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from the University of Michigan, Nakul combines academic prowess with extensive practical knowledge.

Nakul's expertise lies in product development and technical content creation. A certificate in Blockchain and Crypto attests to his commitment to staying at the front of advancements in the field.

Nakul is an industry thought leader who authored the book Blockchain for Business with Hyperledger Fabric. He is proficient in explaining complex concepts and making them accessible to a broad audience. Nakul actively participates in affiliations and collaborations within the technology community, and conferences across the globe.

With a solid educational foundation, rich professional experience, and a commitment to ongoing learning, Nakul Shah continues to shape the landscape of blockchain technology, offering valuable insights and expertise to the global community.