Abhivardhan is honoured to serve as the Chairperson and Managing Trustee of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and as the Managing Partner at Indic Pacific Legal Research. Throughout his journey, he has gained valuable experience in international technology law, corporate innovation, global governance, and cultural intelligence.

With deep respect for the field, Abhivardhan has been fortunate to contribute to esteemed law, technology, and policy magazines and blogs including The Daily Guardian, The Contemporary Law Forum, India Business Law Journal, and others. His book, “Artificial Intelligence Ethics and International Law: An Introduction” (2019), modestly represents his exploration of the important connection between artificial intelligence and ethical considerations with an international law perspective. Emphasizing the significance of an Indic approach to AI Ethics, Abhivardhan aims to bring diverse perspectives to the table.

Abhivardhan remains humbled by the opportunity to share knowledge through various papers on international technology law. Alongside his consulting and policy advocacy, he has been involved in both authoring and editing books, focusing on public international law and its relationship with artificial intelligence.

Maintaining a down-to-earth approach, Abhivardhanʼs speaking and research interests revolve around Indo-Pacific affairs, disruptive technology ethics and policies, artificial intelligence governance, Indo-European culture and music, global governance, sustainable development, digital connectivity, and public international law.