Zaid Kamil is a Google-certified Android app developer and a professional coding trainer who has been developing and teaching how to make Android apps for over a decade. He is the Training Head at Digipodium, a leading IT training institute in Uttar Pradesh, where he mentors and guides hundreds of students and professionals in various domains of technology. He has also conducted many workshops and seminars at various universities and colleges. He has a rich portfolio of projects in both Java and Kotlin, using Android and various third-party libraries and APIs. He is also skilled in area of Data Science, AI, Cloud services and Web development, and holds multiple certifications from IBM and Microsoft in Python. He has a keen interest in designing and implementing machine learning models to analyze data and improve business operations. He has worked with cross-functional teams to design and deploy AI solutions for various domains. Zaid Kamil is passionate about learning new skills and technology. He constantly updates himself with the latest trends and developments in the tech industry. He also likes to explore new tools and frameworks that can enhance his coding abilities. He believes that learning is a lifelong process and that one should never stop growing and improving oneself.