Ockert J. du Preez is a passionate coder and always willing to learn. Having been in the training and coding industry he already has an advantage over most as he comes with a wealth of experience. He has written hundreds of developer articles over the years detailing his programming quests and adventures. These can be found on CodeGuru, Developer.com and Database Journal.

He knows a broad spectrum of development languages including C++, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript and HTML. He has written the following books:

Visual Studio 2019 In-Depth (BpB Publications)

JavaScript for Gurus (BpB Publications)

He was the Technical Editor for Professional C++, 5th Edition as well as C++ Software Interoperability for Windows Programmers

He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for .NET (2008–2017).  

LinkedIn Profile: Ockert J. du Preez

Blogs Link: https://www.codeguru.com/ , https://www.developer.com/