Navin Sabharwal currently is the Chief Architect and Head of Strategy for Autonomics at HCL Technologies. He is responsible for innovation, presales, and delivery of award-winning autonomics platforms.

He is an innovator, thought leader, author, and consultant in areas of AI and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Software Product Development, Engineering, and R&D. He is responsible for IP Development & Service Delivery in the areas of AI and Machine Learning, Automation products, Cloud Computing, Public Cloud AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare Private Cloud, Microsoft Private Cloud, Data Center Automation, Analytics for IT Operations, and IT Service Management.

Linkedin Bio: Navin Sabharwal

Ravishankar Shukla, is a Senior Consultant with over 12 years of IT experience and leads Observability practice globally within HCL Technologies. He primarily focuses on building market-leading Observability practice capabilities and joint GoToMarket offerings in collaboration with various Observability vendors. 

He has been working on the delivery of digital transformation projects for various esteemed HCL clients through market-leading platforms such as Cisco AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic as well as new and promising open-source observability platforms, including Elastic APM and Jaeger. He pursues emerging trends in the Full-Stack Observability space specially Open Telemetry standards and Observability for cloud-native applications and platforms.