Mohamed Sabri, the author of this book, completed his graduation in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Ottawa. He is a Consultant in the field of Data Science and MLOps, and is working with the North American organizations in the Banking, Retail, and Gaming sector. With an irrefutable passion for Data Science, he is driven to do more for the domain by being involved in a range of innovative AI projects that help him deliver end-to-end solutions in the field of AI.

He drives his professional journey with his excellent communication skills and his expertise in Tech popularisation for complex projects. Building upon his commitment towards ensuring work and team cohesiveness, he has successfully executed several AI projects.

In his book, “Data Scientist Pocket Guide”, he has interestingly poured his secrets of becoming a benevolent data scientist.

His secret passion for connecting and networking with people and professionals is channelled through this book, that attempts to connect and reach several data scientists and make their everyday job enriching and easier.

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