Peter von Oven is an experienced technical consultant working closely with customers and partners designing technology solutions, to meet business needs. During his career, Peter has presented at key IT events such as VMworld, IP EXPO, and variousVMUGs and CCUG events. He has also worked in senior pre-sales roles and pre-sales management roles for Fujitsu, HP, Citrix, and VMware, and has been awarded VMware vExpert for the last four years in a row.

In 2016, Peter founded his own company, Droplet Computing, where he works today as the Founder and Chief Technology Officer, helping redefine the way applications are delivered today.

He is also an avid author, having now written 13 books and made videos about VMware end user computing solutions.

In his spare time, Peter volunteers as a STEM Ambassador, helping the next generation develop the skills and confidence in building careers in technology.