Rehan Guha — A Researcher by the day and an Artist by night. 

Our Author is a Scholar-lecturer, an Innovator, and also a Humanitarian -Philanthropist.

He started his life as a Coder, Developer, and now he is into research in the field of Machine Learning and Algorithms but also has a keen interest in General Science, Technology, Invention & Innovation. 

The author holds a graduation degree from the Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, and a Postgraduate certification on Deep Learning from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-K)-AICTE approved FDP course.

If we talk about Rehan’s area of interest, it lies in Optimization Problems, Explainable AI, Deep Learning Architecture, Algorithms, Complexity, Algorithmic Thinking, et cetera… He has multiple publications through Journals and Open Publications, along with his publications he has filed multiple patents for his Innovations and Inventions. At an early age, one of his patents was also demonstrated to the Indian Army.

In Rehan’s career, he has been involved with a variety of Business Verticals, starting from Banking, Medicine, Law, Insurance and Freight & Logistics. He has also provided a patent filing solution about Dispute Banking. In his career, he has prior experience of about 3yrs in IT, where he has worked on a multitude of projects within this small tenure. Rehan has been working on various projects as a Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and currently as a Machine Learning Researcher.

His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses his sheer passion for learning and application of the same. Apart from his professional life and work, he is a philanthropist who believes in knowledge sharing and strives for the concept of “Open/Free Knowledge”. He conducts multiple workshops, seminars in his field of research and works for various universities, encouraging students to pursue their passion. Along with this, he has several Open Source Software contributions and is a hobbyist bug bounty hunter, and he resolved critical bugs for companies like Zomato and others.

The author is an active supporting member of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and supports Educational Equality. He volunteers as an Educator, Personal Development Coach for the needful.

With a wide range of interest in photography, it will be best to say that “He loves to capture the moment!!”. In his leisure time, he is a non-professional Table Tennis and Football player, also he is a travel enthusiast and loves to explore People & Culture.

Rehan has a keen interest in one of his earliest hobbies — Art. To be precise, Pencil Sketching & sometimes Ink Sketching. One of his wood engraving sketch artwork under the program “Rivers of the World” can be found in the archives of The British Council Museum, London. This work of his has travelled to parts of Europe and Asia as a part of the British Council Art Exhibition.

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