SharePoint Online Modern Experience Practical Guide - 2nd Edition

Bijay Kumar Sahoo

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ISBN: 9789355515773
eISBN: 9789355515780
Authors: Bijay Kumar Sahoo
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 30th Nov 2023
Pages: 544
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

SharePoint Online Modern Experience Practical Guide, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about SharePoint Online Modern Experience. The book begins by covering the benefits of using SharePoint Online Modern Experience, creating and managing modern team sites and communication sites, and customizing modern site pages. You will further learn about the types of modern lists and document libraries, and how to create and manage them.

Then, you will learn about Power Platform, how to use it with SharePoint Online to improve communication and collaboration. You will also understand how to streamline document management, and increase productivity. Further, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, and how to use them to automate tasks, create reports, and visualize data will be discussed.

In the end, you will learn about advanced topics related to SharePoint Online Modern Experience, such as the SharePoint Framework and how to develop client-side web parts. You will gain insights into various methods to deploy SharePoint Online Modern Experience solutions, manage and monitor them. You will into various methods for implementing SharePoint Online Modern Experience solutions, as well as how to oversee and track their management.


  • Learn how to use SharePoint Online Modern Experience (Modern UI).
  • Effectively use Modern List and Libraries in SharePoint Online.
  • Learn about Modern SharePoint Site Page and various Web Parts.
  • Develop various custom applications for your business needs using Power Apps.
  • Gain knowledge in Power Automate everyone to build automated processes using low-code drag-and-drop tools.
  • To create a data visualization primarily for business intelligence needs, learn Power BI.


  • What SharePoint Online Modern Experience is and how it can benefit your organization.
  • How to create and manage modern team sites and communication sites.
  • How to customize modern site pages and web parts.
  • How to use modern lists and document libraries to store and manage your content.
  • How to use the Power Platform with SharePoint Online to automate tasks, create reports, and visualize data.
  • Use SharePoint Framework to build a client site model.


This book is for site owners, power users, or administrators who want to create visually appealing team sites or Communication sites for SharePoint Online. Although the book is geared towards SharePoint developers, some familiarity with SharePoint is still necessary.

  1. Introduction to SharePoint Online
  2. SharePoint Modern Team Site
  3. SharePoint Communication Sites
  4. SharePoint Online Modern List
  5. SharePoint Online Modern Library
  6. SharePoint Modern Pages
  7. Modern Web Parts in SharePoint Online
  8. Power Apps
  9. Power Automate
  10. Power BI
  11. SharePoint Framework

Bijay Kumar Sahoo is a ten-time Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) with over seventeen years of technical experience in Microsoft technologies, with a spotlight on SharePoint. His vast experience spans both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. Throughout his journey, he's been an integral part of esteemed corporations such as HP, TCS, and KPIT, holding pivotal roles as a SharePoint architect. Currently, he helms TSinfo Technologies Pvt Ltd, a premier SharePoint development company that provides innovative solutions to clients across the United States and Europe.

But his impact doesn't stop there. Bijay is the mastermind behind two renowned SharePoint websites, and These platforms are not just businesses but serve as lifelines to the SharePoint community. For his continued contributions and unparalleled expertise, Microsoft has consecutively recognized him as an MVP for the past decade. Beyond his business endeavors, Bijay has a passion for education. He shares his wealth of SharePoint knowledge with a global audience through his YouTube channel, "EnjoySharePoint", making the complexities of the platform accessible to all.

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