No-Code Artificial Intelligence

Ambuj Agrawal

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ISBN: 9789355513496
eISBN: 9789355513465
Authors: Ambuj Agrawal
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 07th March 2023
Pages: 232
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Book Type: Paperback

A practical guide that will help you build AI and ML solutions faster with fewer efforts and no programming knowledge


  • Start your journey to become an AI expert today.
  • Learn how to build AI solutions to solve complex problems in your organization.
  • Get familiar with different No-code AI tools and platforms. 


“No-Code Artificial Intelligence” is a book that enables you to develop AI applications without any programming knowledge. Authored by the founder of AICromo (, this book takes you through an array of examples that shows how to build AI solutions using No-code AI tools.

The book starts by sharing insights on the evolution of No-code AI and the different types of No-code AI tools and platforms available in the market. The book then helps you start building applications of Machine Learning in Finance, Healthcare, Sales, and  Cybersecurity. It will also teach you to create AI applications to perform sales forecasting, find fraudulent claims, and detect diseases in plants. Furthermore, the book will show how to build Machine Learning models for a variety of use cases in image recognition, video object recognition, and data prediction.

After reading this book, you will be able to build AI applications with ease.


  • Use different No-code AI tools such as AWS Sagemaker, DataRobot, and Google AutoML.
  • Learn how to create a Machine Learning model to predict housing prices.
  • Build Natural Language Processing (NLP) models for Healthcare information Identification.
  • Learn how to build an AI model to create targeted customer offerings.
  • Use traditional ways to perform AI implementation using programming languages and AI libraries.


This book is for anyone who wants to build an AI app without writing any code. It is also helpful for current and aspiring AI and Machine Learning professionals who are looking to build automated, intelligent, and smart AI-based solutions.

  1. What is AI? 
  2. Getting Started with No-Code AI
  3. Building AI Model to Predict Housing Prices
  4. Classifying Different Images 
  5. Building AI Model to Perform Sales Forecasting 
  6. Building AI Model to Find Fraudulent Claims
  7. Building AI Model to Detect Diseases in Plants
  8. Building AI Model to Create Targeted Customer Offerings
  9. Building AI Model for Healthcare Information Identification
  10. Building AI Model for Video Action Recognition
  11. Building AI Applications with Coded AI

Ambuj Agrawal is the founder of AICromo ( and has deep expertise in machine learning and no-code AI technologies. Mr. Agrawal has previously created ZappyAI developing open-source RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software’s and AI solutions ( He has been one of the youngest Speakers at the Money2020 Europe, Fin.Techsummit Europe, Future of Work Summit London and Automation Summit Paris on the topic "Automation and Future of Work". He has also served as the president of Imperial College Entrepreneurship Club and as an advisor at the Cocoon Networks.

He has received numerous innovation awards from Citibank, Imperial College London, Ministry of Justice UK, Bristol University, among others. He is also one of the youngest recipients of the "Exceptional Talent Visa in Digital Technology" by the UK Government for expertise in Compiler Design and Machine Learning. His expertise in machine learning, deep learning, no-code AI tools and software development puts him in an ideal position to write this book.

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