Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

Adam Robertson

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ISBN: 9789355517029
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Authors: Adam Robertson
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 296
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
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This book equips you with the knowledge and skills to leverage the strengths and unique features offered by various cloud providers. It enables you to design a cohesive deployment strategy that spans multiple cloud platforms.

You will learn how to deploy Kubernetes across multiple clouds with this guide. It will help you plan your project, including team needs, and costs. While seeing the pros and cons of this approach, you will also explore different designs for stateful and stateless applications, using a global service mesh (Istio) to connect them. Understanding how service mesh works and how to keep it secure, is also one of the objectives of this book. After reading this book, you will discover GitOps for easy workload and policy deployment across many clusters and use open-source tools to monitor and see everything. This will help you create a strong security plan using the "4 C's" framework and zero trust principles. Finally, this book will aid in applying your knowledge to real-world examples by deploying a highly available application on a multi-cloud Kubernetes platform using tools like EKS and GKE.

By the end of this book, you will be a capable multi-cloud Kubernetes architect who can build teams and plan projects, knowing the pros and cons of different cloud setups.


  • Design, deploy, and manage cloud native applications across diverse cloud environments.
  • Leveraging service mesh for seamless communication in multi-cloud Kubernetes.
  • Optimize performance and security for multi-cloud agility.
  • Automate deployments and gain deep, actionable insights for efficient management. 


  • Design and deploy Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud providers.
  • Build stateful and stateless workloads seamlessly.
  • Utilize service meshes to facilitate efficient and secure communication between services.
  • Implement GitOps to automate deployments and enforce consistent policies.
  • Monitor and observe to proactively identify and resolve infrastructure issues.


This book is suitable for DevOps specialists, infrastructure engineers, cloud architects, and anyone who has a fundamental grasp of Kubernetes and containerization and wants to learn about multi-cloud Kubernetes.

  1. Getting Started with Project Planning and Preparation
  2. Running Multi-Cloud Kubernetes 
  3. Scenarios of Multi-Cloud Deployment
  4. Stateful Application Kubernetes Cluster Design
  5. Stateless Application Kubernetes Cluster Design
  6. Service Mesh: Operations
  7. Service Mesh: Security
  8. GitOps Method of Workload Deployment
  9. GitOps Method of Policy Deployment
  10. Proactive Monitoring of the Clusters
  11. Enabling Comprehensive Observability
  12. Securing Your Clusters
  13. Case Study: Deploying Highly Available Application on Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

Adam Robertson's early enthusiasm for technology was ignited by the wonder of computers during his infancy. His passion for computers motivated him to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Texas, Austin, which became the basis for his creative software development methods which eventually led him to the formation of a new discipline of Software Development, DevOps.

Adam was already embodying the ideals of DevOps before the name was coined. He promoted collaboration and automation, leading initiatives that optimized workflows and encouraged a culture of ongoing enhancement. Today, he is recognized as a prominent figure in this evolving industry, imparting his knowledge as the Head of DevOps at WitnessAI, an AI Security startup.

Adam's competence goes well beyond technical skills. He is an adept team leader, using his vast experience as a DevOps mentor and coach to guide others. He received the esteemed "DevOps Rising Star" award at the 2019 DevOps World Conference in recognition of his significant achievements.

After spending 15 years in the fast-paced environment of Silicon Valley startups, Adam now enjoys the outdoors in Boulder, Colorado. He is enthusiastic about sharing information and participates in speaking events and forums to promote the benefits of the DevOps culture and empower people with the technology he has learned.

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