Mastering Advanced Scrum

Rituraj Patil

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Authors: Rituraj Patil
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Publishing Date: August 2021
Pages: 388
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Empower Your Agile Software Product Development Scrum Teams with Advanced Scrum Techniques


  • Provides a complete overview of various Agile Frameworks, including the Scrum Framework.
  • Covers numerous scenario-based examples and an in-depth explanation for Scrum Malfunctions and various Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques.
  • Includes visual illustrations for the Scrum-based Agile Way of Working and its associated various Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques.
  • Highlights real-time use-cases and experiences for various Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques.


This book emphasizes on the Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques to be explored, applied, and utilized by the Scrum Teams to establish and improve a fully functional Scrum-based Agile Way of Working. Reading this book not only helps the Scrum Teams to encourage their overall responsibility, accountability, and ownership, but also guides them to become High-Performing Scrum Teams.

The book contains numerous real-time use-cases and visual illustrations for various concepts of Scrum Framework, Scrum-based Agile Way of Working, and Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques. It also gives an overview of Scrum Malfunctioning and various ways to prevent and correct it. This book acts as a handy reference for the Scrum Teams to make use of Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques. These techniques include the overall Structure and Alignment of Scrum Teams, Scrum Roles, Working Agreements of Scrum Teams, Effective and Efficient Scrum Artifacts Management, Relative Estimation, Scrum Events, Advanced Engineering Practices, Technical Agility, Scrum Metrics, Scaling Scrum, and few other aspects of Scrum-based Agile Way of Working.

After reading this book, the readers can look out for any malfunctions present within their Scrum Teams and apply the applicable Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques to address such malfunctions. By applying these techniques, they can also address the scope for a continuous improvement under the Scrum-based Agile Way of Working of their Scrum Teams.


  • Identify Scrum Malfunctions in Scrum Teams along with various preventive and corrective measures.
  • Adopt Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques and Best Practices for Scrum Roles, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum Events.
  • Learn to improvise the Structuring, Alignment, Collaboration, Communication, and Working Agreements of Scrum Teams.


This book is for Agile Enthusiasts, Agile Coaches, Scrum Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and for the Agile Software Product Development Scrum Teams having a basic know-how of the Scrum Framework and who want to implement various Advanced Techniques/Best Practices of the Scrum Framework to boost their Organizational Agility.

  1. Fundamentals of Agile Software Development, Delivery, and Way of Working
  2. Agile Frameworks
  3. Overview of the Scrum Framework
  4. Scrum Malfunctioning and Understanding the need for Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  5. Introduction to Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  6. Add-ons for Structuring, Collaboration, and Communication within Scrum Teams
  7. Add-ons for Scrum Roles and Working Agreement within Scrum Teams
  8. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Product Backlog Management
  9. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Relative Estimation
  10. Add-ons for Scrum Events
  11. Add-ons for Advanced Engineering Practices and Technical Agility
  12. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Scrum Metrics
  13. Add-ons for Scaling Scrum
  14. Additional Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  15. A Quick Reflection on Scrum Guide 2020

Rituraj Patil is an experienced Scrum Master/Agile Coach, who for the past 10+ years has been working with various multinational organizations to develop and deliver high-quality working software products, services, and solution offerings. He is a technology, Lean-Agile (Leadership, Culture, and Management) enthusiast, servant leader, and avid learner. In his professional career, he has played many roles while serving various organizations. He holds a Master of Management Studies Degree in Systems Specialization from the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He also holds a Master of Technology Degree in Software Development and Management from Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu, India, and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology from Kolhapur Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering (Autonomous), Maharashtra, India. He has successfully completed several internationally recognized training and certifications. He is acting as a conference speaker at various industry conferences and meetups and as a guest lecturer at various top-tier Indian educational institutes, including IIMs, Symbiosis, IITs, VIT Vellore, and many more. He has received many awards, recognitions, and appreciations from the organizations he has served so far.

LinkedIn Profile: Rituraj Patil

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