Mastering Advanced Excel - With ChatGPT Integration

Ritu Arora

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ISBN: 9789355518651
eISBN: 9789355518620
Authors: Ritu Arora
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 22nd Jul 2023
Pages: 304
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Advanced Excel is a powerful tool that goes beyond basic spreadsheet functions, allowing users to perform complex calculations, manipulate large datasets, create interactive visualizations, automate tasks, and conduct in-depth data analysis. If you want to enhance your productivity, accuracy, and decision-making skills in Excel, look no further. 

This book is a comprehensive guide that explores the advanced features of Microsoft Excel. From creating macros with VBA to automating tasks, working with large datasets, creating visualizations, and conducting data analysis, this book covers it all. Additionally, it also introduces ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that enhances Excel automation. With practical examples and clear instructions, this guide empowers users to maximize their productivity, efficiency, and decision-making skills in Excel. 

By the end of this book, you will have developed the expertise and confidence to tackle complex tasks in Excel with ease.


  • Build a solid foundation in Excel by learning the basics, including the creation and formatting cells, sheets, and workbooks.
  • Explore advanced Excel techniques, including formulas, data analysis, and VBA macros.
  • Discover the potential of ChatGPT for Excel automation, that enables you to automate tasks and generate insightful reports.


  • Develop proficiency in working with large datasets.
  • Conduct data analysis using powerful tools like Vlookup and Advanced Pivot Tables.
  • Create impactful charts and graphs that effectively communicate your findings and insights.
  • Seamlessly integrate Excel with other applications to streamline your workflows and enhance collaboration.
  • Discover time-saving techniques and shortcut keys to improve your productivity and efficiency in Excel.


For individuals seeking to enhance their Excel skills for advanced tasks, this extensive book serves as a valuable asset. It also caters to the needs of accountants, financial analysts, business analysts, and data scientists who aspire to boost their efficiency and productivity in Excel.

  1. Overview of Excel 2021
  2. Cell References and Range
  3. Working with Formulas and Functions
  4. Data Validation
  5. Protection
  6. Sorting a Database
  7. Filtering a Database
  8. Subtotals and Data Consolidation
  9. Pivot Tables
  10. Conditional Formatting
  11. What-if-Analysis
  12. Working with Multiple Worksheets, Workbooks and Applications
  13. Working with Charts
  14. Creating and Recording Macros in VBA
  15. Assigning Buttons to Macros
  16. Functions and Subroutines in VBA
  17. Conditional Statements in VBA
  18. Variables and Data Types in VBA
  19. Looping Structures in VBA
  20. Arrays and Collections in VBA
  21. Debugging and Error Handling in VBA
  22. User Forms and User Input in VBS
  23. Advanced VBA Techniques and Best Practices
  24. Building Custom Add-ins with VBA
  25. ChatGPT with Excel

Ritu Arora, the dynamo of delight, with her contagious laughter, she shines so bright. Her training sessions are never a bore, she adds a touch of fun that leaves you wanting more. In the world of Excel and Power BI, she’s a star, but it’s her cheerful spirit that sets her apart by far!

She is a highly skilled and experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in Power BI, Excel, PowerPoint, G Suite, and ChatGPT. With over 20 years of corporate training experience, including international assignments, Ritu has successfully trained over 70000 individuals in corporates like DDFS, EY, RateGain, LG, IIMs, SMBC, Ericsson, HCL, Tata Advanced Systems, BPCL, Nestle, Citibank, Adidas, Hero Honda and so on. Her expertise, excellent communication skills, and ability to tailor training programs to specific needs have made her a sought-after corporate trainer.

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