Learn MVC Projects in 7 Days

Sukesh Marla

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ISBN: 9788183335812
Authors: Sukesh Marla
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2016
Pages: 184
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 1 cm
Book Type: Paperback

"When a normal developer thinks of creating a book the first thing which comes to mind is, where to begin from?"

While designing the book it has been kept in mind to cover the entire MVC project in 7 Days that will help the reader to furnish and use their skills professionally. The book is segmented in a straightforward manner so that the readers can be technically updated in 7 Days. Every chapter focuses on Model-View-Controller where a reader can enjoy working with ASP.NET to the end of the week. 


ASP.NET MVC+ jQuery + Entity Framework + WebAPI + Angular


  • The best way to learn MVC is by doing a project and this book des the same. A complete MVC Project is created from scratch with all best practices implemented.
  • Professional projects are not created by just using ASP.NET MVC you need other ingredients like HRML, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, WebAPI, AngujarJS and so on. 
  • Gone are those days of using ADO.NET to connect to database. In Professional project developers use ORM technologies like Entity Framework (EF). This book uses EF whenever there is a need of database communication.
  • WebAPI and AngularJS area the future of MVC projects this book covers a great introduction about the same.
  • Single application architecture is one of the most preferred ways of developing Web application. This book also covers single page application development using ASP.NET MVC and JQuery.
  • With the book we have provided DVD which has MVC video tutorials which will help you to kick start MVC with great speed.
  • After every lab we have discussed important questions around the lab this will make you prepared for ASP.NET MVC interviews.


This book has covered all the necessary supporting technologies while making MVC Project.


If you to want to gain knowledge on ASP.NET with the industry case studies so this book will suit your requirements and fits into your course to upgrade yourself from ASP.NET to MVC. 

The Author has enjoyed working with ASP.NET and awarded as a Microsoft MVP, Code Project MVP, C# Corner MVP and many such designations.

  1. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 1
  2. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 2
  3. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 3
  4. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 4
  5. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 5
  6. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 6
  7. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Day 7
  8. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Bonus Day 1
  9. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Bonus Day 2
  10. Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Bonus Day 3

Sukesh Marla When a simple developer like me thinks of writing a book the first thing which comes to his mind is, where to start from? 

Just like many developers out their even I have my own story of struggle and hard work. From the day I have become a developer I have tried to keep myself technically updated. I tried to learn whatever I can form everyone I met in every stage of career. 

I started my career as a Jr. Software Engineer, then slowly moved up the ladder reached to the position of Tech leader and then architect.

I have realized a fact that life is very small and spending it just as an Employee is kind of injustice with life. Hence moved into corporate training world, started writing articles, books and rest was history. 

I enjoy working with ASP.NET and its more of a part of my life now.  It made me get awarded Microsoft MVP, CodeProject MVP, C# Corner MVP and many such designations. 

I love to share my experience and knowledge on ASP.NET with the industry so thought of writing this "Learn MVC project in 7 days" book.

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